Whole 30: Day 20

This morning I had two cups of black coffee, with a dash of cinnamon. More for the smell than the taste.

I had what Madeline refers to as Lion Guard snack: grapes and strawberries.

Lunch was cut steak with sea salt and fruit.

For dinner we ate at our friends’ house who are coincidentally doing a diet similar to whole 30. I had burger with pineapple as the bun. It was yummy. I also munched on fruit and raw veg that they had.


Whole 30: Day 18


I realized that I’ve spent the past 17 days, sharing what I’m consuming, but that may not be what you want to know.

You might want to know how I feel, why I’m doing this, if it’s a good choice for you. So let’s just stop right there **pause** and I will share my answers to those very good questions.

I feel great. I don’t know if any of you are already aware on some level that you have digestive issues or concerns with gluten or dairy, but I had both. I was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant at 27, and self-diagnosed myself as have gluten intolerance. Every time I would eat any bread or dairy product, I would be doubled over in pain, and my stomach would swell up like I was 3 months pregnant. I like to refer to this tummy bulge as my “dough baby.” I am pleased to report that I have had none of these issues since being on the Whole 30.

I also learned prior to starting Whole 30, that 70% of our immune system is located in the gut. So it made so much sense to take this challenge on with the fall and winter months approaching to give my body the very best advantage I can to defend the inevitable sickness that comes along with these seasons.

I have had many immediately comment, “you don’t need to lose weight,” when I share that I’m on this diet. And I don’t really. It wasn’t my intention. But it was a definite outcome. I’ve lost 7 pounds and all of my pants are falling off. You will see me in lots of elastic waist clothing for the next 10 days!

Is this a good choice for you? I think it’s a good choice for anyone. For one month, it completely strips away “hormone-unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups,” considered to be grains, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and legumes. I think with all the marketing and bad eating habits we have developed as a nation, we need to all pay a little better attention to what we are taking in, and if Whole 30 is too radical for you, try cutting soda, or sugar, or just gluten for a period and see how you feel.

Let’s talk about the graphic I’m including. You can and need to eat so much more food on this diet than you’re used to. I am eating a lot of fruits, and veg and nuts for energy between meals that I’m not including in these posts.

As for day 18, my daily diet was coffee, a banana, pork, cabbage, kale, carrots, fruit, steak, mushrooms and cauliflower.


Whole 30: Day 17

This morning I had black coffee. Once I got to school I grabbed my banana with almond butter. I keep almond butter everywhere. I got a three pack of my fave brand Barney’s, and keep one at school, one upstairs, and one in the kitchen cupboard. Obsessed with it.

For lunch, I had tuna salad that I’m hoping Larry made with my Whole 30 approved mayo and capers (he did). I also had carrot sticks, a peach, a plum and my two hard boiled eggs. I guess you’ve learned by now that I’m a creature of habit!

For dinner we are having pork, cabbage and apples, as well as kale.


Whole 30: Day 16

Coffee plus banana and almond butter for breakfast.

Lunch was a peach, plum, carrots, two hard boiled eggs, leftover chicken with proscuitto.

When I get home I am starving. I had another banana with almond butter just because it’s easy and filling.

Dinner was poached eggs, proscuitto (did I mention I love proscuitto?) and blueberries.


Whole 30: Day 15

This morning I had black coffee while I got ready. I’ve given up adding oils or spices to make it taste better. I almost prefer the black over any of the other combos.

I had my banana with almond butter for breakfast.

Lunch was two hard boiled eggs, carrots, a peach, a plum, and proscuitto.

Dinner was chicken topped with proscuitto, asparagus, and roasted red pepper.


Whole 30: Day 14

Today I had my black coffee and I really don’t think I had breakfast. Larry and I taught first grade Sunday School so in the hustle of trying to get ready and out the door, I forgot.

When we got home, my lunch was salad with steak.

Another blah cup of black coffee during Madeline’s nap (cream and honey in my coffee are what I miss more than ANYTHING, in case I haven’t mentioned it.)

For dinner, everyone else had tacos and I had taco salad, minus the shell.


Whole 30, Day 13

This morning I had black coffee and my banana with almond butter.

For lunch I leftover steak with sea salt and a salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

The girls are wanting ice cream these days, and I’m letting them. This is my diet, not their, but it is so tempting to steal a bite!

I’m pretty sure I ate up half a bag of baby carrots. Once again, my appetite is insatiable.

For dinner we had perfectly cooked salmon with a grape tomato and olive salad. We had roasted potatoes and braised kale as sides with a dijon ailoli that Larry made sure was whole 30 compliant. It was delish. I put that ailoli on everything! Hurray for big flavor!

Oh and my virgin Bloody Mary is understood at this point. Right?


Whole 30 Day 12

Let the cravings begin. I’ve done really well, and I haven’t had so much as one non-compliant crumb. But I’d be lying to you if I didn’t tell you I’m craving just about anything and everything I’m not supposed to have.

Had my coffee straight black. At this point coffee is functional for me. I’ve concluded that black coffee is gross no matter what I add to it, if I’m truthful. I had my banana with almond butter and that made me happy.

For lunch I had carrots, hard boiled egg and grapes. Nothing to write home about, I know. I normally eat our dinner leftovers for lunch but Larry and the girls had Chris’s pizza last night so it’s slim pickins in the fridge. I might add that I had a LOT of carrots. And a TON of grapes. I’m including a pic in this post that explains why we crave so much more food when we eat real food.

Dinner is what got me through the day, praise Jesus. STEAK. Beautiful medium-rare steak. Juicy and perfectly cooked. We also had mushrooms and handcut homemade fries.


Whole 30 Day 11

I can describe today in one word. HUNGRY.

I had my black coffee which I still don’t love, and then a banana with almond butter. I am loving almond butter so much! (At least I ate breakfast, right?)

I realized at 10:30 when it was time for me to leave for school to teach the second half of the day, that I was going to miss lunch! I grabbed a handful of carrots and planned to grab something during my planning period.

At planning I jetted to Kroger to pick up some berries for our Whole 30 potluck after school. With a sick baby I had no time to make a dish. While I was at Kroger I grabbed some bananas and ate one on the way back to school.

After school at the potluck I had one meatball, some yummy pineapple coleslaw, chicken sausage and veg, and berries. I left hungry.

Not because the food wasn’t good, but because you have to eat so much more of REAL FOOD to feel satisfied. That is what I’m learning. I have spent all these years filling up on sugar, and breads, and dairy. And now that I’m eating healthy, my appetite is insatiable!

I grabbed some fruit from the non-compliant meal offerings in the teachers loung to sustain me through Open House.

When I got home, I inhaled a pork chop and some green beans.