Why Essential Oils?

If you haven’t noticed by now…essential oils are everywhere. If you aren’t using them yet to improve your health or the health of your family…WHY NOT?!?

Let YL’s own Dr. Jim Bob show you 9 of his top reasons why EVERYONE should be using essential oils every single day.

Reason 1: Essential oils can bypass digestion. This means that regardless of our gut health, we can all benefit from using essential oils. They go directly to the part of your body that needs it!

Reason 2: Fat soluble. This means that oils are quickly and easily absorbed and able to penetrate the fatty protective layer of the skin. From the time you apply an oil to the skin, within 20 minutes it has traveled to every cell in the body!

Reason 3: Cross blood/brain barrier. The most fascinating one to me!  Essential oils are like little ninjas and are able to penetrate the blood brain barrier! Watch the video and learn all about how this makes EOs unique!

Reason 4: Frequency. Because essential oils are the life blood of the plant, they are alive and carry a frequency and a vibration. This allows them to actually enter our cells and do what our body needs.

Reason 5: Adaptogenic. Oils adapt in a couple ways. One person can apply lavender and feel relaxed, someone else can apply it and get respiratory support. Oils also adapt in that they balance. If something in the body is two high or low, the oil will bring the body back to normal or balance.

Reason 6: Therapy localization. This is so cool! When you rub an oil on your wrist you immediately send a message to the brain saying something is wrong with the wrist. So the brain stops what it’s doing and goes to work at the wrist using the oils that were applied there!

Reason 7: They are EASY TO USE and SAFE! Like he says in the video, people want to complicate oils or tell themselves they are not safe for kids which is crazy. As long as you are using a carrier oil and diluting like it says on the back of the bottle, they are incredibly safe and easy. Just pick one and rub it on. Just pick one and put a few drops in the diffuser!

Purity matters! Young Living guarantees the quality of their oils! They have their own farms and have such stringent standards for quality that only 30% of what they produce makes it into the bottle. The rest gets repurposed as fertilizer or sold to that other oil company.

Reason 8: Multiple applications. There are three different ways to use EOs! Topically, aromatic use or dietary! If you don’t like one way, try another! They work the same either way.

Reason 9: Clean receptor sites!  Many oils contain monoterpenes or sesquiterpenes (please google!) which means they are actually capable of cleaning receptor sites of our nerves. This means our oils are able to work even more effectively and explains why I just added Cedarwood to the girls and to my body wash! Every square inch of your body that you can apply EOs to, you are cleaning those receptor sites so  that oils can get in there and do what your body needs. This is why I prefer to use a carrier with my EOs vs using neat, or products like OrthoEase Orthosport and Lavender Lotion. You can cover a large area of skin, cleaning more receptor sites!

Support systems! Stop treating symptoms!




What are essential oils?



Plants have been linked to the wellness of man since the beginning of time. Ancient people utilized plants in a variety of ways. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Europeans, and Asian cultures have used them for centuries for health, beauty, fragrance, and spiritual practices. Essential oils are also specifically mentioned throughout the Bible. And we believe the Lord has provided everything we need in nature for our bodies to survive and thrive. For our families, this includes using essential oils to support our bodies in a multitude of ways.

● Essential oils are plant concentrates. When a plant is dried for tea or to make supplements, around 97% of the essential oil is lost, as well as much of the plant’s capability of helping us be healthy. By using the EO we are getting the plant’s complete chemical profile in each drop.

● Most essential oils are extracted from plant sources using steam distillation and are highly concentrated, making them far more potent than dried herbs or botanicals.

● Essential oils are volatile liquids, which means that the scent of the oil rises quickly into the air.

● They are also versatile with a wide variety of uses. Some people use EOs to enliven an environment, support different body systems, or for creating chemical free alternatives to many household items.

(Source: Feelings Kit Online Workshop )


Getting Started with Young Living

Are you at the point where you are ready to buy a kit? I remember being confused about member vs wholesale and which kit. This is directly from the doc that helped me when I got started (only I replaced my mentors number with mine):

How to Get Started

If you want oils you can always purchase from a distributor but you also have the option to become a Wholesale Member.

To keep your Wholesale Member status, you aren’t required to sell. You simply are now able to purchase your oils at a discounted price. And you get a kit of oils and a diffuser.

Sometimes you may hear the “Wholesale Membership” referred to as a “Distributor” – that never means that you HAVE to build a business. (Of course, if you want to, you can. In fact, to Distribute YL you don’t have to buy some fancy additional kit, you don’t have to purchase $1000 of product and we will NEVER suggest you carry a stockpile of Oils to sell to friends. Distributors get the same starter kits regular Wholesale Members do, they’ve just made some money by telling friends/family about the amazing Oils.)

Okay, back to the Kit. The kit I recommend EVERYONE get is the Premium Starter Kit for $160. It is truly the best kit you can imagine. There are other options, but I PROMISE this $160 kit is THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. It comes with the Everyday Oils ($163 retail)… 5ml bottles of Lavender, Peppermint, Thieves, Purification, Copaiba, RC, Frankincense, Lemon, Panaway and Digize. And Stress Away.

You also get some samples of oils and another awesome YL product, Ningxia Red. And a free diffuser. These diffusers retail for $98.

11 oils, 10 sample packets, AND the diffuser for $160.

The other two kits they offer at $40 and $75 don’t make sense to me at all.
The $40 kit comes with the samples but NO diffuser and NO oil bottles.
The $75 kit comes with the diffuser and samples and Stress-Away, but NO kit of 10 oils. My issue with the $75 kit is that you have a diffuser, but practically nothing to diffuse and you’ll have to buy more oils right away just to get started… so why not get the 10 oils for $75 more? The only time I recommend the $40 kit is if someone is anxious to get started and budget just doesn’t allow for the $160 kit. I will tell you, EVERY SINGLE person who has ordered the $40 kit ends up getting the $160 kit that month or the following, without fail. So again, if budget allows, the larger kit is THE best value.

There is also a Thieves Products/Thieves Cleaner Kit and Ningxia Red Kit if either of those products are what drew you to Young Living.

The other advantage you have is that the JoyDroppers have a crazy amount of resources for you to benefit from! One of the best resources is our Members-Only Facebook page called Essential Exchange. This is NOT put out by Young Living, this is simply a place where our readers who have become members can communicate with one another, share what is working for them, ask questions, and build relationships with others who are on this journey to a more healthy and natural lifestyle. This group will help cut your searching time down and get your questions answered quickly. I would love for you to be part of our group.

So… how do you sign up for your own Wholesale Membership?! Just follow the directions below.

Step 1: Click https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/start to Get Started.
Step 2: Keep “Member” checked (you can’t order the starter kit as a customer). This signs you as a “member” to Young Living and it’s the only way to get access to the kit and the 24% discount you get afterwards. It’s really important!
Step 3: Make sure to enter the member number of whoever introduced you to YL in both the sponsor & enroller blanks. My member number is 2183425.
Step 4: Complete the Info Requested. Your social will be filed away, and never used unless you get a paycheck.
Step 5: On the next page, choose premium starter kit, then compete payment info. Let me know if you have any trouble!

YAY!! You are a member!! Wooooohoooo!!! I remember how excited I was to receive my starter kit. Your membership will stay active as long as you spend at least $50 in a calendar year. You do not have to continue to renew your membership each year… that kit was a one-time thing and you will remain a member as long as you spend that $50 a year. Which, trust me… that won’t be a problem.