Whole 30 Day 11

I can describe today in one word. HUNGRY.

I had my black coffee which I still don’t love, and then a banana with almond butter. I am loving almond butter so much! (At least I ate breakfast, right?)

I realized at 10:30 when it was time for me to leave for school to teach the second half of the day, that I was going to miss lunch! I grabbed a handful of carrots and planned to grab something during my planning period.

At planning I jetted to Kroger to pick up some berries for our Whole 30 potluck after school. With a sick baby I had no time to make a dish. While I was at Kroger I grabbed some bananas and ate one on the way back to school.

After school at the potluck I had one meatball, some yummy pineapple coleslaw, chicken sausage and veg, and berries. I left hungry.

Not because the food wasn’t good, but because you have to eat so much more of REAL FOOD to feel satisfied. That is what I’m learning. I have spent all these years filling up on sugar, and breads, and dairy. And now that I’m eating healthy, my appetite is insatiable!

I grabbed some fruit from the non-compliant meal offerings in the teachers loung to sustain me through Open House.

When I got home, I inhaled a pork chop and some green beans.

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