More than LLP


Are you a huge fan of this trio like I am? It is so, so good for supporting your respiratory system in the spring time.

But honestly, I love to garden, and for those days Lemon, lavender and Peppermint aren’t enough. Maybe you’ve felt the same way.

I’m committed to supporting my body using oils, so I’ve found some really amazing options that I use in addition to my LLP. These are all Young Living blends and oils, which is the brand I use personally:

Snifflease: I had reserved this for my kiddos up until this last round of working in my yard. I apply down the back of my neck and I am now a huge fan of this one. I will never be without it.

Melrose: apply under the toes. This is the vitaflex point on the feet for your sinuses. I find it works much faster and it’s not my favorite smell either, so there’s that.

Breathe Again: This is a beloved YL roll-on. I apply down my neck and on my chest.

Copaiba: I watch this video on lymphatic massage and apply a little copaiba with grapeseed to my fingertips as I do it. https://www.facebook.com/mark.lynch.503/videos/10206744305224990/

Thieves Hard Lozenges: These have been my go to and a real voice saver. Especially if you talk for a living like I do.

Some EO hacks to try with oils you already have:

1. Apply diluted lavender to each nostril so you won’t feel the need to “achoo” as often.

2. Apply a drop of Frank to a q-tip and swab inside each nostril. This helps soothe that area.

3. Cut dairy. Dairy is mucus producing so that’s something I do that helps.

What oils do you turn to for seasonal support?