Whole 30 Days 21-27

So, I’m letting myself off the hook for not blogging my meals for the last 7 days. I can give you a little overview, but really it’s become so return, I risk boring you.

My black coffee and banana with almond butter are commonplace.

My lunch is always leftovers from the night before because I’m the only one in the house that will eat them, and I can’t stand wasting.

My afterschool snack go-to is always berries and grapes.

To get past no alcohol,  I’m doing nightly virgin Bloody Marys.

Dinner is what varies. This week, we had burgers (mine was no bun) and hand cut fries, steak and baked potato, pork with kale and apples, chicken and broccoli, and tonight we are having pork barbecue, and it is going to pain me to no end not to have Larry’s homemade potato salad.

But you guys, I’m on day 27! I’m 3 days away from cream and sugar in my coffee.

And the best part, I’ll be done just in time for my birthday on Wednesday. That’s reason for celebration, friends. #icecream #birthdaycake