AC goes to Paris!

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, TN stands 60 ft tall compared to its 984 ft original!

So today was the big day! In case you didn’t know already, Anna Claire is obsessed with all things Paris, France, and more than anything else she wants to visit Paris one day. Well, we can’t bankroll that so we told her about the Eiffel Tower in Paris, TN.

We’ve talked about doing this all summer, and why not today. I have promised we would go all summer and we are running out of days!

I wanted to make the trip (the DRIVE) as fun as possible – you know the saying, “enjoy the journey as much as the destination.” So I planned some strategic fun along the way.

We stopped off at Fort Donelson (worth visiting the same day since it’s within an hour of Paris). Our visit gave me a chance to share the wedding story of Grandma and Grandpa Freddie, since they were married there. AC thought the cannons were really cool.

The girls at Fort Donelson

I could’ve stayed a lot longer just taking in the view. So beautiful here.
Thanks to AC there’s actually a pic of me today. She said “Mommy, you’re not in any of the pictures!” I need to do better with that.

And of course after that I wanted to eat at The Lodge at Paris Landing. Might as well recreate that whole day! We are all pretty full of the snacks Larry had packed for us when we got there so we just split a buffet! (Is that ghetto? 😂)

I so want to come back and take advantage of all Paris Landing has to offer. Lots of water activities!

It was so fun eating at The Lodge. We all love the atmosphere and the view here.
Taking time to smell the flowers. These trees are so pretty!
Madeline was telling us all about the tree!
Ha! My last five days of pics Madeline is doing this little turn with her foot. She says it’s her new pose.

And then we were off to the Eiffel Tower! There is such a great playground right behind it! The girls loved the playground as much as the tower. And there is a pool across the street. So if we ever go back in the summer we will bring swimsuits and towels.

Such a cute little playground!
AC making the most of the “little kids” side of the playground.
Madeline learned how to swing by herself this summer. She is getting so big! (Too fast!)

Ten minutes from the tower, there is the cutest little sweet shop that you absolutely must visit in downtown Paris. Be warned: it is closed on Mondays!

AC was so excited to visit the French themed sweet shop but they were closed on Mondays. Next time!

I made the girls stop at the Paris, TN welcome sign which was received with and eye roll but they humored me anyways.

Another picture?

Final destination? Hillbilly BBQ for their sno cones served with cream! Thanks to Aunt Emily for telling us – just like the ones we loved in Hawaii! I have not seen any with cream offered anywhere since our vacation there 3 years ago!

Sno cones at Hillbilly BBQ! AC got “tigers blood” flavor. 🐯
Both girls say this was their favorite part of the whole trip!

Thank you Paris and Dover for a great Monday! This was a super fun day trip!

If you want to learn more about Paris and the towers like we did, this is a good starting point.


Simple Swap

Every oil that you use is a chemical that you are no longer using.

And you can do this so easily! Do the SIMPLE SWAP each month.

Open your cabinet once a month and choose something toxic that you want to switch out with an oil or natural product (btw, Young Living has just about every natural personal care and cleaning product imaginable in addition to the best oils 😉.)

And then do opt for higher end oils. I am usually a “cheaper is better” kind of gal, but I don’t skimp when it comes to health and what I put in and on my body and especially my children’s little bodies.

Do a simple swap each month! You’ll be on a better path in no time!

Get started here.


Madeline’s Haircut and Waffle House

I miss Anna Claire so much with her busy schedule this month, but the upside is getting a little one on one time with Madeline. 

I took Madeline to get her hair trimmed this morning since July ”tis the season for #alltheappointments. She looks so cute! I love the look of a fresh clean cut. 

Madeline’s haircut

Afterward, she asked if we could have cheese eggs. I was starving so I said sure and took her to the new Waffle House on Madison. Funny, we live two minutes away from a Waffle House and never go to it, but for some reason this brand-new sparkling Waffle House beckoned to me. 😂

Once we got inside and Madeline took a look at the menu, she announced she wanted grilled cheese instead of cheese eggs, which was fine. 

While we were eating we looked up to see my friend Lori’s son, Adam. “Adam!” Madeline called out. She was so excited to see him. 

Madeline and Adam

As I was paying, the orange fliers at the register caught Madeline’s eye. I told her they were for the Gun Show. She took two and said they were for her and Pop and that he was going to take her. Her Pop is a rifleman.

“Tickets” to the Gun Show


Clarksville Rocks – Madeline’s Donut Rock

Since we found our first “Smile” rock a few days ago at Liberty, the girls have had their eyes peeled, looking for more painted rocks!

This is so fun for kids and grown ups alike, putting a smile on our faces. 

Today Madeline and I were leaving Gigi’s Cupcakes and as we walked by Best Donuts, right next door, I heard Madeline call out, “Mommy! A donut rock! A donut rock!” 

She was so excited to find the painted stone on the donut shop’s window ledge and wants to paint her own rocks to hide for children to find. We grabbed some stones and paint markers at JoAnn’s today. 😉

Madeline and her donut rock!


Chi-Town Dogs

So, I’ve lived in Clarksville almost my whole life, and I have wanted to go to Chi-Town Dogs almost my entire life! 

I was telling Madeline, I remember as a little girl asking my mom if we could go there, and she would tell me, “We’ll see.” Madeline cracked me up, she said, “Oh. That means that you’re not going.” I thought that was funny. She is so smart!

So today, knowing that Madeline is such a big hot dog fan, and since we were already over on that side of town dropping AC off at play practice, I decided today was the day! And they did not disappoint! 

Today may have been my first time to Chi-Town but it won’t be my last. If you’ve never been and decide to go, be sure to get a Chi Dog with “the works!”

How many times did I drive by this sign and think…one day…
Carpe diem moment! Lots of seize the day adventures this summer!
Me and my girl, Living one of mama’s childhood dreams

I took the owner’s advice and got the works. It was AWESOME!!
I thought this sign that hangs in their backyard was the cutest.


Summer Planning with City Saver

On the way to playground the girls were reading the City Saver and cracking me up.

Madeline actually did read “Nashville zoo” and “hot yoga” which didn’t surprise me because AC was recognizing phrases like that this age.

She also saw “McDonalds” no doubt recognizing the infamous double arches and I love that she still calls it “Old McDonald’s.” 

She announced that we would go there and then to Burger King. I told her that was a lot of burgers. 🍔🍔

The funniest thing was when she asked Anna Claire what one of the coupons said and she told her it said  Plato’s Closet. Madeline said, “Oh! I do want to go there! It will be full of play doh. I can play with all of that!”



The girls have asked to walk the riverwalk for awhile now, and with Anna Claire having her play practice on Riverside, we are right by all of that each morning. I’m really trying to be intentional this summer and take advantage of the areas we find ourselves in, enjoying all they have to offer! 

We love enjoying the marina and Riverside area in the mornings before we drop off AC! It’s so peaceful, not so hot and costs nothing. And AC feels like we are including her in the fun. It shifts her focus from worrying that she is missing out on whatever Madeline and I decide to get into!

Crossing Riverside! Both girls were like “whoa! This is so cool!” And AC spotted a red punch bug!