Adams and Guthrie – Fun Morning for Foodies

I attempted to take the girls blueberry picking this morning in Adams, but the berries weren’t ready yet. We were comforted by beautiful views of farmland and countryside, and a funny turkey story:

When we first arrived at our friend’s home where we had hoped to pick berries, we saw a wild turkey 🦃 following our friend through the garden, and I jokingly asked if it was her new pet. She said, “Um no. That thing follows me everywhere; it even lays by me when I sit out on the deck,” 😂 It was a very ugly turkey (just speaking the truth) but seeing how much it wanted to be her friend endeared the animal to us.

We made our way to the Tiny Town Produce market in Guthrie where we scored some good looking plums, peaches and heirloom tomatoes. I only paid $8 for what you see pictured. Lots of beautiful flowers there too, in addition to produce.

There was a sweet cat there that the girls loved petting. It had just had kittens which they caught a few glimpses of. Probably for the better that they didn’t hold them. They would have fallen in love and tried talking me into another pet. (Um, no.)

Then Madeline asked to stop and visit the infamous Guthrie pink elephant a few doors down, so I stopped and took our annual pic of the girls with it.

Finally we made our way to the Country Pantry. The things that bring joy to these girls are small. Cheese curds, wagon wheel pasta and cake pans for Anna Claire, and blackberry jam and a small heart-shaped cake pan for Madeline. Local honey for me. 😁 And, as always, they love pushing the child-sized shopping carts 🛒 there.