Whole 30 Day 10

Today I kept Madeline at home. She had a cough and a bit of a fever so just to be on the safe side.

I had my coffee with just coconut oil and a tiny dash of cinnamon in top. I had a hard boiled egg and that was it.

For lunch Larry made the last two tuna steaks and we had those on a bed of olives and other veg.

For dinner we had poached eggs and then I had proscuitto and pear.


Whole 30 Day 8

I’ve been doing this a whole week! Woohoo! 

Same black coffee, trying a dash of cinnamon. Smells amazing but not loving the taste. It’s official. I’m in love with raw local honey and milk in my coffee. They are absolutely what I miss most with the exception maybe of red wine. 

But my whole mindset through all of the has really been to focus on what I can have vs what I can’t and I will tell you, if you can train your mind to think in that way, there is nothing to this whole 30 for you.

This was a school day so I have a banana and a hard boiled egg for breakfast. 

At lunch it was leftover steak, carrot sticks, fruit.

For dinner Larry roasted a whole chicken, potatoes and made an “Olive Garden salad” with all the good stuff you’d expect to find in one of those.


Stop Treating Symptoms, Start Supporting Systems

Madeline was not feeling well at all yesterday evening so we are keeping her home today.

Nothing like a needing to miss a day on the second week of school to get your sub folder in order and your classroom ship shape! 
I was sitting at my teacher’s desk around 5:20 this morning, half sleepy and half grateful. Grateful because I had no idea when I’d find the time to clean my classroom and get it ready for parents by Open House tomorrow and no idea when I’d get my sub folder done. Both are good to go now. 🙌🏻
What I was not and am not is worried about coughing, congested, yet happy Madeline. I love that when a child gets sick, paying $100+ for a clinic visit, often to tell me what I already know, is the no longer my first course of action. There will likely be no trip to the drug store either. 
Instead we are taking our health into our own hands: supporting her respiratory system by diffusing RC blend and supporting her respiratory system with Thieves overnight has already made a world of difference. This cost approximately $2. I’m abiding by the 24-hour-fever-free guideline and keeping her home today but she is looking and sounding so much better! #startsupportingsystems #stoptreatingsymptoms #yourhealth #inyourownhands #moneysaver

If you are ready to make the shift from treating to supporting, from sickness focused to wellness focused, I would like to warmly welcome you to my website where you will get a wonderful peak at the world of essential oils. http://essentialoilylife.com/angie-averitt/


Free Diffuser Anyone?

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Whole 30: Day 7

Have I really been doing this a week? This is going to fly by.

I had a hard-boiled egg and a banana this morning along with my coffee with nutmeg. No likey nutmeg in coffee. Back to cinnamon tomorrow.

For lunch I had the left over Argentinian shrimp which were just as yummy as last night, along with some red grapes.

I grabbed a couple strawberries for a snack. Then a midday cup of coffee with cinnamon. Feeling a little sluggish today.

For dinner we had steak and potatoes. (I think! Writing this three days after the fact 😂.)


Whole 30: Day 6

This morning I had a hard boiled egg and my coffee with cinnamon.

I took the girls to the farmers market, and it was a real struggle to watch Madeline eat her popsicle and watch it drip all over, when I would usually grab it and lick it until it stopped dripping. Instead I coached her as to where she should lick so it would stop dripping!

For lunch we had leftover pan-seared tuna and I had bunch of red grapes, plus some of AC’s.

For dinner we had the most amazing Argentinian shrimp that in my opinion, rival Royal Reds that we get in Florida. Larry made me a bowl of clarified butter to dip it in. We also had broccoli and potatoes as well as grapes, blueberries and navel orange supremes. Best meal I’ve had all week.


Whole 30: Day 5

Today I had my usual coffee with coconut oil, and a banana and hard-boiled egg with sea salt for breakfast.

I had my leftover salad from dinner last night, some carrot sticks, a pear, and an orange. Oh, I also had an avocado with sea salt.

For dinner, Larry made pan-seared tuna on top of a bed of cucumber noodles and avocado. I squeezed some lemon on top and salted it, but I so miss the soy sauce!

I’m sleeping good, feeling good, energy good.


Whole 30: Day 4

I tried coffee this morning with a dash of cinnamon and I’m really liking it! I had my usual banana, but added a hard-boiled egg for a little extra energy.

I have always kept almonds and dried berries in my drawer as a snack, so that’s not really posing any issues for me.

At lunch I had leftover steak and some fruit.

For dinner, we were in a time crunch so Larry picked up Subway. They all had sandwiches and I had a salad (lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber) topped with hard boiled egg and vinegar and oil. And salt. Lots of sea salt! I also devoured some grapes and the girls’ leftover fruit. I’m hungry!