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Why Raw Local Honey?

Confession: I got into a lazy habit in the past few months of buying a less expensive honey for my coffee. It was not nearly as delicious and didn’t have any of the health benefits.

In recent days I’m finding the need to heal my body from the inside out in every way I possibly can. As I’m re-reading my trusted health and wellness texts, I’m reminded of the powerful immune boosting benefits of RAW LOCAL HONEY.

I purchased this jar from a small shop right down the road who sources from a local bee keeper.

Why does that matter??

  • Local raw honey has healing properties.
  • You can add it to your hot tea to soothe a sore throat.
  • Because it has antimicrobial properties, it doesn’t just soothe your throat as it coats it; it can also kill certain bacteria.
  • Local raw honey helps with seasonal allergies.
  • Local raw honey reduces the lifespan of colds.
  • Local raw honey is a natural antiseptic. As mentioned above, honey has antimicrobial properties. That’s what makes it great for treating wounds. Many types of bacteria can’t survive in honey.
  • Local raw honey helps tame the tummy.

Those are just a few reasons local, raw honey is a must-have staple for your household, especially in the winter months.

That honey bear at the supermarket may be more affordable, cute and enticing, but a wellness powerhouse he is not.