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All Things sand.tagious

Watching sand.tagious kinetic sand cutting videos is so satisfying. If you don’t know about them, I’m happy to introduce you.

What is it exactly that makes the sound of cutting sand so satisfying? Apparently, sounds like this trigger a ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) which is a “low-grade euphoria,” a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin, particularly the scalp and spine.

An entire genre of ASMR videos has emerged on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram with the discovery of this phenomenon. And kinetic sand cutting is just one type of ASMR video. Other ASMR types include whispering, crinkling plastic, and crunching.

The intention of the videos is to calm and soothe. sand.tagious videos have been praised by those with anxiety, autism and insomnia but anyone can appreciate them. You can read more about sand.tagious and the ASMR connection here.

Our family loves kinetic sand cutting videos because they are calming, and they help us to clear our minds and be present. I dare you to be anxious and stressed out while watching. It just isn’t possible.

More than that, sand.tagious videos have inspired us to be more creative with our kinetic sand. Watching and listening to someone else play with and cut kinetic sand is satisfying for sure, but doing it yourself adds a kinesthetic and tactile element that is just as satisfying.

We have had fun trying to make our own kinetic sand cutting videos, using found items around the house with our sand, and acquiring tools like the ones used by sand.tagious. This set includes just about everything you would need to get started and is the best bang for your buck.

Our very first attempt at making our own sand-cutting ASMR video. They wanted it sped up, but then realized there is no sound. The girls want their own YouTube channel. 😁

This set includes just about everything you would need to get started.

kids · product reviews

Best Magic Set for Kids

Our little girl just turned six and had been asking for a magic set for months. I researched and read reviews. I asked her what she wanted specifically to come it the set. And then I found this set.

She asked for the set to have a hat, a wand, a cape, a rabbit, a coin, and magic scarves. This set fit the bill with the exception of the scarves and I will include the link for those in this post.

I originally checked Amazon and read tons of reviews, then Pinterest. Everything I read supported getting this set so at that point it was a no-brainer.

Friends, I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised when we opened the set and got everything out. It’s all so well made!

There is a hidden pocket on the outside of the vest for children to hide the magic coin. The hat has two compartments to hide the bunny and she can also hide her scarves. The wand is sturdy and the bunny and coin are cute. The cape is absolutely adorable.

This is the set we chose and these are the scarves (purchased separately).

We have one happy little girl and she says she wants to be a magician for Halloween which is a double win!

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Best Products for Girls Who Love Styling Hair

Do you have a girl in your life who loves doing hairstyles? These are some of the best products out there for learning to style hair.

Crave Naturals Glide Through Detangling Brush

This is the best detangling brush. I bought one at the request of my daughter for her dollhead and with three girls living in our house, we all three have one. Best ever!

Hair Styling Tips and Tricks for Girls

This was one of the first books we bought tried. We actually checked it out from the public library and my daughter loved it so much that we renewed it the maximum number of times we were allowed, then finally bought it. This whole series of hobby books from American Girl are great.

Mannequin Dollhead

If you’re serious about wanting to learn different hairstyles, especially different types of braids, you need a mannequin dollhead. This one by MYSWEETY got our attention because of the beautiful colors, but gets our nod here because of its great quality. My daughter has had hers for two years now.

Dollhead Tripod

If you get the MYSWEETY dollhead, you’ll want their tripod to go with it. The dollhead comes with a clamp that you can clamp onto a table or countertop, but the tripod was a big game changer around here for easy transport and encourages more frequent use. My daughter could literally use her dollhead anywhere once we invested in the tripod.

Scunci Hair Elastics

These are our favorite because they don’t damage the hair, they stay put and they color match.

The New Braiding Handbook: 60 Modern Twists on the Classic Hairstyle

This book by Abby Smith is perfect for your girl learning to braid. My daughter was already a fan of Abby’s YouTube videos so when she realized there was a book, she was beyond excited. I still see her refer back to this book months later after buying it.

Blonde Hair Bun Makers

This set of four bun makers makes bun making easier and fewer steps. My daughter prefers this to a donut bun form.

Conair Topsy Tail

This tool is a must for many hairstyles your girl will see in YouTube videos and in books. Ours has held up really well.

Flairosol Misting Spray Bottle

This misting bottles deliver a fine mist and even distribution. We add a few drops of lavender and cedarwood essential oil to promote hair growth and tea tree to protect them from anything itchy. It’s been fun thinking of all the applications you could use these for other than hair. If you want to know more about essential oils you can read some of my other posts or follow me on Instagram. I have a personal and natural living Insta.

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TOP 8 Essential Oil Supplies for Beginners

Do you want to try essential oils, but feel overwhelmed with how much there is to learn? Good news! There is so much to learn, you’ll never learn it all. That means there’s no need to wait.

I love the quote that says you don’t need to see the whole staircase. All you need to do is take the first step. And if you’re just beginning with oils, your first step is getting what you’ll need to get started.

This top 8 list will take you through the 8 supplies I order most often from Amazon. I’ve also been using and ordering these items since the very beginning.

1. This 24 pack of 10ml rollers:

You’ll find that many roller recipes call for 10ml bottles. I love that this set comes with two small funnels and droppers. The little funnels and droppers make filling your rollers so much easier and mess-free. The metal roller glides smoothly on these and dispenses just the right amount.

2. Best grapeseed oil. This grapeseed is expeller-pressed, hexane free, and comes in a BPA free container that makes pouring easy. You WILL want grapeseed to dilute many of the oils. It helps them stretch to cover a larger area of skin and last longer. Also some “hot” oils used neat are too strong and can burn the skin. I really like this brand, and the can is pretty.

3. True Essence 1 ml rollers. These little rollers are perfect for sharing oils with others or for travel. They’re handy and adorable.

4. Leven Rose Jojoba Oil. This is a great carrier to have on hand for using on the face. It is the closest to the skin’s natural pH so it won’t cause breakouts. Be sure to grab this oil if you plan on making any face rollers.

5. Witch hazel. I always think of this brand as “the good witch hazel.” It’s a great natural astringent, and is handy to add to sprays and perfumes to help the essential oils and water to incorporate (since water and oil don’t mix).

6. Essential Oils Pocket Reference book. This is such a handy book to help you learn how to use your oils. Having a reference book like this one is a game changer!

7. Gentle Babies book. When I started using oils, I was the most anxious and unsure about using oils with my girls. This book takes all the guesswork and anxiety out of using oils for babies and children. I will say, be sure to read the testimonials, and not just the reference pages. My favorite protocols are hidden in those testimonials!

8. Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap. I almost didn’t include this on the list, but I opted to because several years into this essential oil lifestyle, I use this soap all the time. Castille is great for foaming handsoap and also for the best ever DIY shave cream. It’s not easy finding unscented, which is why I like this particular 2 pack, plus buying in bulk saves money and this is the best price I’ve found. It’s fun to add your own essential oils to customize your scent and to meet your body’s needs. I prefer calming lavender, while my husband likes Thieves to kill germs.

If you’re just starting with oils, you definitely need high quality essential oils and a diffuser. I chose Young Living for my family after doing tons of research, and share our story here.

Learn more or if you’re ready you can get started with essential oils here.