Whole 30 Day 12

Let the cravings begin. I’ve done really well, and I haven’t had so much as one non-compliant crumb. But I’d be lying to you if I didn’t tell you I’m craving just about anything and everything I’m not supposed to have.

Had my coffee straight black. At this point coffee is functional for me. I’ve concluded that black coffee is gross no matter what I add to it, if I’m truthful. I had my banana with almond butter and that made me happy.

For lunch I had carrots, hard boiled egg and grapes. Nothing to write home about, I know. I normally eat our dinner leftovers for lunch but Larry and the girls had Chris’s pizza last night so it’s slim pickins in the fridge. I might add that I had a LOT of carrots. And a TON of grapes. I’m including a pic in this post that explains why we crave so much more food when we eat real food.

Dinner is what got me through the day, praise Jesus. STEAK. Beautiful medium-rare steak. Juicy and perfectly cooked. We also had mushrooms and handcut homemade fries.

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