Rockets of Awesome!

Rockets of Awesome is like Stitch Fix for kids, only better.

It’s once a season, vs every month, and there is a “sneak peak” option which my girls love.

With the sneak peak, you are able to see what items you’ll be getting before the box ships and swap out items you don’t like ahead of time. It’s so fun!

Sometimes we keep everything and sometimes (like this last box) I’ll tell the girls they can each choose three.

They really enjoy it and look forward to it. It’s brought nothing but joy and the pieces we get aren’t like anything else I’ve seen and we all love that.

Here are the items the girls chose this time. The first top we kept for both girls. I love that they still like to match.

This post contains affiliate links for ROA. You will get $20 off your first ROA box if you use my link and I will get $20 credit as well for my children as well. You in turn have the opportunity to go forward and do the same.

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