Silke’s Ole World Breads

Silke’s Old World Breads has become a weekly stop for me. It is a German deli and bakery. I have a family of bread lovers and butter lovers and we just want these breads around!

As I am typing this I am overhearing my nine-year-old telling her dad, “Mommy got Tuscan bread! That will be perfect with mussels!” I love it.

We are a foodie family and my husband is a classically trained chef, but we leave bread to the experts. Enter Silke’s.

I’ve started making it a point to try a different bread each week. We’ve tried sourdough, Italian and Tuscan (which I understand are similar), many baguettes and more.

I like that they make “baby breads,” mini versions of their larger breads that you can try first before getting a larger one.

My youngest loves being greeted with a “lady finger” cookie when she enters and cracks up at the name.

If you’ve never been, there are two entrances – one for the deli where you can buy meats, breads and treats, and the other is the restaurant which is one of the most kid friendly places to dine in town, with a play area for littles and clean baby changing area. They have pizzas, sandwiches and soups as well as German dishes and vegetarian/vegan options.

Two thumbs way up for Silke’s.

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