Does your hair need a protein treatment?

I have been fighting a year long battle of getting my hair healthy again.

I had a ballyage hair color treatment with a hairstylist who was not my usual trusted stylist and friend, and it totally dried and fried my hair. I thought about cutting it off, but my nine-year-old daughter and I were (and are) obsessed with learning braids and updos. So chopping it off was not an option.

I conditioned.

I deep conditioned.

I laid off flat irons and hairdryers.

I used natural products.

Then I read a post about hair types just like mine -frizzy, dry and breaks easily – and it said I need a protein treatment. Raw egg, avocado and coconut oil were all options. Even mayo.

I tried egg. Then tried rinsing the egg with extremely warm, almost hot, water. It made scrambled eggs! My daughter was cracking up watching me pick bits of egg out of my hair the next several hours. So if you try the raw egg route be sure to use cooler water to rinse!

I tried mayo. After much shampooing and rinsing following the treatment, it still seemed greasy to me.

Then, this afternoon, I tried coconut oil. I mixed two tbsp of coconut oil with two of raw honey (for added shine) and wrapped my hair up. I left it on for an hour. Then I shampooed and conditioned as usual, rinsing very well. I blow dried straight and I am so excited to see my hair actually shine for the first time in months and months…with the exception of my two hair appointments to my trusted hairdresser. I can never seem to get her results, but with this treatment I can!

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