Whole 30 Day 8

I’ve been doing this a whole week! Woohoo! 

Same black coffee, trying a dash of cinnamon. Smells amazing but not loving the taste. It’s official. I’m in love with raw local honey and milk in my coffee. They are absolutely what I miss most with the exception maybe of red wine. 

But my whole mindset through all of the has really been to focus on what I can have vs what I can’t and I will tell you, if you can train your mind to think in that way, there is nothing to this whole 30 for you.

This was a school day so I have a banana and a hard boiled egg for breakfast. 

At lunch it was leftover steak, carrot sticks, fruit.

For dinner Larry roasted a whole chicken, potatoes and made an “Olive Garden salad” with all the good stuff you’d expect to find in one of those.

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