Frugal Oily Mommy: Making Your EOs Stretch, Part 1

imageThis is the second time I’m writing this post, because I forgot to hit save the first time. I choose to believe everything happens for a reason, and I’m getting to have a do-over and make it even better the second time around!

When I look back on how I used my first YL Starter Kit, I feel a little sad about how much I wasted, overused and mismanaged my EOs. Even though other EO educators I’ve talked to balked and said they were impressed that I made my kit last 4 months, I feel like I could have made it stretch even more, if I knew then what I know now. That’s what I’d like to share with you!

There are four things that I feel like I do, or will do, that make my EOs last longer than your typical user. I’ve decided to share one here, and the other four in subsequent posts so I don’t overwhelm anybody!

1. Dilute, dilute, dilute. This is the number one thing you can do to make your oils stretch. It’s also safer.

I know it may be tempting to slather on an oil and perceive that to be the most effective, but actually, adding a carrier oil allows you cover a larger area and helps to drive the EO into the skin. So more isn’t necessarily better. Also, YL oils are pure therapeutic grade oils and very strong. I have a graphic somewhere that I will try to find and include in this post later, but it shows that for some EOs, you can make a tiny 15ml bottle stretch with a carrier oil to equal a 750 ml bottle of wine! I always try to keep that visual in mind when I’m tempted to put something on “neat.”

One of my biggest frustrations as a newbie to essential oils was all of the contradictory information I found on dilution rates. I was so confused! For this reason: Be wary of Pinterest. Pinterest is a great starting point and some of what is out there is helpful, but there is also some really ignorant and potentially dangerous advice being given. For example, you may do a search for how to treat a child’s fever, and find 4 different graphics with 4 different dilution rates (not to mention that if you click on these you typically get a sales pitch instead of more information). You want to be certain you are giving your child the proper dosage!

As some of you already know, I rely on and trust the Gentle Babies book that you can buy on Amazon. I follow its guidance on diluting to a tee, especially for my kiddos. So I may find a strategy or recipe on Pinterest, then be sure the dilution given there matches Gentle Babies before making it for my family.

The other super important resources I rely on are our secret groups on Facebook:

Essentially Better Living: Members Only

Essential Exchange


When someone in our household has a symptom, I will turn to that Gentle Babies book first, and I really wish Debra Raybern would change the title because there are protocols for every age child and for moms! I also like to look first to see what has worked for other EO users. I prefer EE to “the lounge” because everyone in there has a kit and there’s just a whole lot of wisdom in there. I also now know which posters are like-minded, the most experienced, frugal, have kids my age, and whose advice I trust so that is priceless. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use Young Living EOs and join the Joydroppers team for this reason – YL Joydroppers pair high quality EOs with an education and supportive network for its members so that you can safely use them for your family! (Note: Not in these groups yet? You will be added to the EE group and several other groups once you do sign up!)

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