Frugal Oily Mommy: Making EOs Stretch, Part 2

The second piece of the puzzle to conserve EOs, is prioritizing.

Think about each oil, and what uses are most important to you. For example, lavender is needed in just about every blend and roller I make. So I ordered a large 15 ml bottle of it (great value!) so I never have to worry about running out. (I will share in a post later this week how I make lavender stretch.)

Likewise, I love Peace and Calming for myself, but it’s Madeline’s happy oil and it offers both girls respiratory support. So I turn to other oils for occasional anxiety and preserve the P & C for Madeline. (Anna Claire has really vivid dreams with P and C and does better with lavender.)

Prioritizing how you will use each oil will help ensure that you don’t waste. It’s really worth your time to think this through. I actually took the time to make a list of each oil I have and what I use each for. If there was a powerhouse, like lavender or thieves, I considered buying bulk (15ml). OR when considering a high dollar oil like Panaway, I save it for when I really need extra muscle soothing. But for day to day I prefer lemongrass which is more affordable.

As you learn more, you’ll discover more cost effective oils that can do the job of the more costly ones and will be able to more wisely reserve the most precious oils for their most intended purposes. This graphic sort of tells the story (note that these prices aren’t current but still a good graphic for comparison purposes):


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