Frugal Oily Mommy: You + 3 = Free!

imageWhen you get your starter kit, you may be like me…I had no intentions of being a “seller.” But my friend shared with me how she was able to pay for her oils just by sharing with her friends, and that if I could just help three friends or family members get their own kit, mine would be paid for.

I was interested however in making enough money to pay for my oil habit, and happy and willing to share what I was learning about these amazing oils with others.

It came easy because I was excited to share things that are working with my friends and family.

I wrote a few FB posts here and there and posted pics of my oils and my diffuser, just out of excitement. I mentioned things that were working in conversation. Just in doing that, people started asking about EOs.

You are able to do the same. In fact, I feel like when we learn a better way of doing something we have a responsibility to share that with others. Tell others what you are learning and how oils are helping your family.

When your friends are ready to learn more, feel free to add them to the Essentially Better Living group, and tag them in posts you think will help or interest them. You may even give your friend a sample or two to try, or invite them over and show them your stash. Notice none of this entails SELLING. We are just SHARING!

And I truly believe everyone needs this kit! If you have one, then you recognize the value and life-changing potential it has. We have to share that! How can you keep something like that to yourself? I know I can’t.

At the point someone is ready to order their own kit, you can give the link for how to sign up to your friends along with your member number and YL will send you a $50 “thank you” check for each friend who purchases a kit. Three sign-ups cover the cost of your kit. You + 3 = Free!

And there you have it, my tip of the day!

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