Frugal Oily Mommy: Pulling the Trigger



When I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my kit, I put a plan into place.

I thought of it a lot like when I quit smoking years ago (yes, I smoked). I quit smoking soon after college and used the money I would normally spend on cigarettes to pay for my gym membership. Taking the funds I used toward something unwise and switching it to a better choice.

The month I bought my kit, I had a spending intervention with myself.

One of my weaknesses was little girl’s clothing and toys I thought would make them happy. Matching outfits. Little girl shoes. Boutique brands. Oh my word. I had a problem.

But I also REALLY wanted to make a switch for my family to essential oils, get us off all chemicals as much as possible and for us not to be in and out of the doctor’s office like a revolving door. I was reading how much they were working for others and wanted that for my own family. And I could manage it if I was willing to make some tough changes.

Do I dress my girls in rags now? Definitely not. But I do have a few girls who pass their boutique clothing down to me or offer it to me on the cheap; one gal even has girls a year older than mine and the same distance apart that she puts in all matching outfits. She is a lifesaver to me and my children’s clothing addiction! I buy shoes second hand instead of new. They wear them for such a short time anyway!

Do I buy my girls toys? I can honestly say RARELY since making this lifestyle change. If I’m completely honest with myself, they don’t play with toys much. They like stuff. And art. And books. I have wasted so much money on toys that rarely get played with – it makes me sick sometimes to think about it. The hardest was being used to taking the girls on errands and always getting them things they ask for as reward for good behavior. $15 here, $20 there. It adds up. So guilty of that. I’ve started just expecting them to be good girls and not always rewarding them for it every time we venture out. And you know what? They’re still good girls! And happy!

I also had an Amazon problem. I am an Amazon Prime member and it is just way too easy to get things delivered to your door (hello, free shipping). I was ordering things we “needed” left and right and it didn’t even feel like I was spending money at times. Scary, huh? I don’t do that anymore. Nope. Because this new oily lifestyle was that important to me. Grounded myself from Amazon. And the time I spent shopping on Amazon is now spent researching on ways to help my family and friends with EOs. Again. Channeling time spent in an unhealthy way to something productive and helpful.

It’s not easy to admit all of this to you, but if you want to know how I’m making it work, it’s for sure an important part of the plan.

I guess my message in this post is: where are you spending more than you should, and could you funnel that money into an EO lifestyle to improve life for you and your family?

Stay tuned for more ideas this coming week.

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