Starter Kit Oil Series: Frankincense

Frankincense. Where do I even begin? It has so many uses I have had to really prioritize my favorite ones and it is also the oil I’ve become most protective and conservative of.

My favorite use for frank is my most recent discovery. It’s got potential for replacing the antibiotic for me which is huge. I loathe relying on them and was excited to have had success using frank in combination with thieves to knock out a sinus infection.

My second favorite is just knowing that daily use could restore cellular health. For anyone with illnesses that could be impacted by cellular restoration, this is major. (Read between the lines.)

My third would be what frank can and has done for my skin. It dramatically minimizes fine lines and also some of my major frown lines, as well as completely annihilating acne which I have battled unsuccessfully since age 11. I am beyond impressed with frankincense!


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