Starter Kit Oil Series: Citrus Fresh

Citrus fresh has one of the most pleasant fragrances of all of the oils that I have. It’s a blend of tangerine, grapefruit, lemon and spearmint.

Citrus fresh is a favorite of mine to diffuse, since the spearmint is good for immunity and for calming crazy kiddos. I also can be more liberal with diffusing it since it is not an ingredient of any of my rollers or creams, so I don’t worry about conserving it for other purposes.

I have high hopes for citrus fresh in months to come. Once I get a second diffuser, my plan is to take both the diffuser and citrus fresh to school to use in my classroom. It relaxes, calms, uplifts, and helps improve concentration. Yep, I think my students could certainly benefit from that.

I love lemon oil in my water, but at school I could see adding it to my water there through the day to switch things up. It is yummy!

Citrus fresh is a happy oil to have around.


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