Starter kit oil series: Peppermint

Starting out, peppermint was overlooked by me in favor of more of the ones I knew to help with sleep and kids’ health.

Flash forward a few months later and I am loving peppermint!

I have used it to help with tummy issues for the whole family, for headaches and sinus pressure, and my absolute favorite use in the allergy trio.

I love it diffused for a mood lift and keep a roller of it in my desk drawer for a mid day energy boost and to help with concentration, in lieu of caffeine.

I’m turning to it more often for this use though: oils lay on the skin and you need an oil to drive it on in. This oil is peppermint! I don’t use it every time, but with precious oils like frankincense that I’m using medicinally? Like when treating baby Madeline for her croupy cough? I’m driving in that amazing stuff and want to be sure it gets to do its job.

Peppermint has gone from bottom to near top of the list for usefulness, in my book.


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