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Best Products for Girls Who Love Styling Hair

Do you have a girl in your life who loves doing hairstyles? These are some of the best products out there for learning to style hair.

Crave Naturals Glide Through Detangling Brush

This is the best detangling brush. I bought one at the request of my daughter for her dollhead and with three girls living in our house, we all three have one. Best ever!

Hair Styling Tips and Tricks for Girls

This was one of the first books we bought tried. We actually checked it out from the public library and my daughter loved it so much that we renewed it the maximum number of times we were allowed, then finally bought it. This whole series of hobby books from American Girl are great.

Mannequin Dollhead

If you’re serious about wanting to learn different hairstyles, especially different types of braids, you need a mannequin dollhead. This one by MYSWEETY got our attention because of the beautiful colors, but gets our nod here because of its great quality. My daughter has had hers for two years now.

Dollhead Tripod

If you get the MYSWEETY dollhead, you’ll want their tripod to go with it. The dollhead comes with a clamp that you can clamp onto a table or countertop, but the tripod was a big game changer around here for easy transport and encourages more frequent use. My daughter could literally use her dollhead anywhere once we invested in the tripod.

Scunci Hair Elastics

These are our favorite because they don’t damage the hair, they stay put and they color match.

The New Braiding Handbook: 60 Modern Twists on the Classic Hairstyle

This book by Abby Smith is perfect for your girl learning to braid. My daughter was already a fan of Abby’s YouTube videos so when she realized there was a book, she was beyond excited. I still see her refer back to this book months later after buying it.

Blonde Hair Bun Makers

This set of four bun makers makes bun making easier and fewer steps. My daughter prefers this to a donut bun form.

Conair Topsy Tail

This tool is a must for many hairstyles your girl will see in YouTube videos and in books. Ours has held up really well.

Flairosol Misting Spray Bottle

This misting bottles deliver a fine mist and even distribution. We add a few drops of lavender and cedarwood essential oil to promote hair growth and tea tree to protect them from anything itchy. It’s been fun thinking of all the applications you could use these for other than hair. If you want to know more about essential oils you can read some of my other posts or follow me on Instagram. I have a personal and natural living Insta.

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