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Best Magic Set for Kids

Our little girl just turned six and had been asking for a magic set for months. I researched and read reviews. I asked her what she wanted specifically to come it the set. And then I found this set.

She asked for the set to have a hat, a wand, a cape, a rabbit, a coin, and magic scarves. This set fit the bill with the exception of the scarves and I will include the link for those in this post.

I originally checked Amazon and read tons of reviews, then Pinterest. Everything I read supported getting this set so at that point it was a no-brainer.

Friends, I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised when we opened the set and got everything out. It’s all so well made!

There is a hidden pocket on the outside of the vest for children to hide the magic coin. The hat has two compartments to hide the bunny and she can also hide her scarves. The wand is sturdy and the bunny and coin are cute. The cape is absolutely adorable.

This is the set we chose and these are the scarves (purchased separately).

We have one happy little girl and she says she wants to be a magician for Halloween which is a double win!

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