Making Vision Boards with Kids

I have been a firm believer in making a vision board for almost a decade now. There’s just something about putting images to your goals, and keeping those images in front of you that helps keep them on the forefront of your mind, and therefore exponentially more likely to happen!

When my oldest daughter Anna Claire was seven, she noticed me working on my vision board at New Year’s and asked to make one too. I’ve been making vision boards WITH my kids ever since!

It was exciting for Anna Claire to see how quickly things she posted on her board actually became reality. Then when little sister Madeline joined in on the fun last year, how even more quickly her simple and small wishes were granted. Anna Claire was tempted to think smaller so more of hers came true. We talked about how awesome it was for her to have such big and bold goals, but then also to make the vision board for THE YEAR.

I would encourage you to start working on these with your kiddos a few days before New Years, and have them think specifically about what they hope to accomplish and come into their experience THAT YEAR. I suggest to my girls to think of places they want to go, things they hope to learn, things they want to do, and some things that they would like to have.

We love everything about making vision boards! Planning what we will put on them, actually making them, and especially watching their dreams become reality.

Here are my girls’ visions boards. Hopefully they inspire you and your children.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 2.30.25 PM
Anna Claire’s 2019 Vision Board – over half of hers have manifested
Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 2.29.52 PM
Madeline’s 2019 Vision Board – all have manifested. Time for a new board!

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