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Barbie Pool Party: Granting Madeline’s Wishes

I laughed when Madeline asked me to put “fill Barbie pool with water” on her vision board several months ago. It’s the only thing left on her board that hasn’t come to reality so we made that happen today. .


The things she asks for are so simple and easy to make happen that we all have fun helping pull them off. This included ordering Barbie swimsuits once the girls realized we only had one doll who had a swimsuit! Adults and ten-year-olds have bigger visions, so ours take more time to come to fruition. ❤️



What do you do once everything on your vision board comes to pass? You make a new vision board. That will be happening for Madeline soon. Stay tuned! .


If you’re curious to see the girls’ vision boards, I share them here. And be sure to watch the short video in this post for a good laugh. The dialogues Madeline makes up for her Barbies are hil-ar-i-ous! 🤣

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