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Trauma Life Essential Oil Blend by Young Living

T R A U M A L I F E | This oil has been such a great one for me. It’s one of those that for you to be able to talk about it, you have to acknowledge that you’ve been through some stuff, but then we all have.

I use this oil to move past emotional road blocks and to put my past behind me so I can look forward to the future. And using it in Epsom salts detox baths is an excellent way to expel all the things you no longer want in your life and body, physical and emotional.

“Many of the oils in this blend are powerfully calming and grounding, helping purge the stress and uproot the traumas that are often at the heart of our physical fatigue and overburdened immune systems.

Others of the oils in this blend are spiritually uplifting, bringing us closer to our Creator and helping us to see our trials from the proper perspective.

Sometimes, physical and mental difficulties are a result of unreleased trauma… this blend of oils may help promote the calming and balancing effect that is necessary in overcoming trauma.” Source: Ref Guide for EOs app.

You can find Trauma Life here. If you are just beginning to learn about oils and hesitant as to where to start, you might enjoy my posts on how we started and why.

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