Chi-Town Dogs

So, I’ve lived in Clarksville almost my whole life, and I have wanted to go to Chi-Town Dogs almost my entire life! 

I was telling Madeline, I remember as a little girl asking my mom if we could go there, and she would tell me, “We’ll see.” Madeline cracked me up, she said, “Oh. That means that you’re not going.” I thought that was funny. She is so smart!

So today, knowing that Madeline is such a big hot dog fan, and since we were already over on that side of town dropping AC off at play practice, I decided today was the day! And they did not disappoint! 

Today may have been my first time to Chi-Town but it won’t be my last. If you’ve never been and decide to go, be sure to get a Chi Dog with “the works!”

How many times did I drive by this sign and think…one day…
Carpe diem moment! Lots of seize the day adventures this summer!
Me and my girl, Living one of mama’s childhood dreams

I took the owner’s advice and got the works. It was AWESOME!!
I thought this sign that hangs in their backyard was the cutest.

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