Madeline’s Haircut and Waffle House

I miss Anna Claire so much with her busy schedule this month, but the upside is getting a little one on one time with Madeline. 

I took Madeline to get her hair trimmed this morning since July ”tis the season for #alltheappointments. She looks so cute! I love the look of a fresh clean cut. 

Madeline’s haircut

Afterward, she asked if we could have cheese eggs. I was starving so I said sure and took her to the new Waffle House on Madison. Funny, we live two minutes away from a Waffle House and never go to it, but for some reason this brand-new sparkling Waffle House beckoned to me. 😂

Once we got inside and Madeline took a look at the menu, she announced she wanted grilled cheese instead of cheese eggs, which was fine. 

While we were eating we looked up to see my friend Lori’s son, Adam. “Adam!” Madeline called out. She was so excited to see him. 

Madeline and Adam

As I was paying, the orange fliers at the register caught Madeline’s eye. I told her they were for the Gun Show. She took two and said they were for her and Pop and that he was going to take her. Her Pop is a rifleman.

“Tickets” to the Gun Show

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