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TOP 8 Essential Oil Supplies for Beginners

Do you want to try essential oils, but feel overwhelmed with how much there is to learn? Good news! There is so much to learn, you’ll never learn it all. That means there’s no need to wait.

I love the quote that says you don’t need to see the whole staircase. All you need to do is take the first step. And if you’re just beginning with oils, your first step is getting what you’ll need to get started.

This top 8 list will take you through the 8 supplies I order most often from Amazon. I’ve also been using and ordering these items since the very beginning.

1. This 24 pack of 10ml rollers:

You’ll find that many roller recipes call for 10ml bottles. I love that this set comes with two small funnels and droppers. The little funnels and droppers make filling your rollers so much easier and mess-free. The metal roller glides smoothly on these and dispenses just the right amount.

2. Best grapeseed oil. This grapeseed is expeller-pressed, hexane free, and comes in a BPA free container that makes pouring easy. You WILL want grapeseed to dilute many of the oils. It helps them stretch to cover a larger area of skin and last longer. Also some “hot” oils used neat are too strong and can burn the skin. I really like this brand, and the can is pretty.

3. True Essence 1 ml rollers. These little rollers are perfect for sharing oils with others or for travel. They’re handy and adorable.

4. Leven Rose Jojoba Oil. This is a great carrier to have on hand for using on the face. It is the closest to the skin’s natural pH so it won’t cause breakouts. Be sure to grab this oil if you plan on making any face rollers.

5. Witch hazel. I always think of this brand as “the good witch hazel.” It’s a great natural astringent, and is handy to add to sprays and perfumes to help the essential oils and water to incorporate (since water and oil don’t mix).

6. Essential Oils Pocket Reference book. This is such a handy book to help you learn how to use your oils. Having a reference book like this one is a game changer!

7. Gentle Babies book. When I started using oils, I was the most anxious and unsure about using oils with my girls. This book takes all the guesswork and anxiety out of using oils for babies and children. I will say, be sure to read the testimonials, and not just the reference pages. My favorite protocols are hidden in those testimonials!

8. Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap. I almost didn’t include this on the list, but I opted to because several years into this essential oil lifestyle, I use this soap all the time. Castille is great for foaming handsoap and also for the best ever DIY shave cream. It’s not easy finding unscented, which is why I like this particular 2 pack, plus buying in bulk saves money and this is the best price I’ve found. It’s fun to add your own essential oils to customize your scent and to meet your body’s needs. I prefer calming lavender, while my husband likes Thieves to kill germs.

If you’re just starting with oils, you definitely need high quality essential oils and a diffuser. I chose Young Living for my family after doing tons of research, and share our story here.

Learn more or if you’re ready you can get yours here.


Oils for Emotional Support

Oils for Emotional Support (per Gary Young, Young Living Essential Oils founder) ❤️

Are you ready? This is straight from the notes I took from our live session with Gary Young during convention in 2016.

YOU might want a pen and paper to jot down specific oils that pertain to you for your own needs. I can tell you my wish list definitely grew after this session! HERE WE GO! (Oils are in ALL CAPS)


Emotions are the most powerful tool you have in your arsenal. Powerful in creativity and construction and equally powerful in destruction. You can use them to drive you into greatness or into the grave. But the will drive you one way of the other. If you do nothing you will stagnate, which is the same as death.

What can help you navigate your senses in a constructive way? COMMON SENSE. Where else can you buy it? Use it.

Every substance that God created has a frequency. Every man-made thing does too. God-made frequency (oils) leads to construction and man-made (not oils) leads to destruction.

There are many ways to travel through life be sure to choose one.

When you are presented with something, never say “no I don’t want to do that.” When you say that you build up a wall of negative energy that says “I don’t want to do that.” Self sabotage. You’re letting someone decide what you will or wont do. You end up spending more energy building walls than accepting life.

We’re not all cut out to do the same things. But don’t short-change yourself from experiencing life. Instead maybe say “let me think about it.” Don’t shut the door or build walls. Never close life out. Say words that leave the door open. Don’t put a wall around you that may block what you need.

Life is based on structure, belief and behavior patterns. How are you creating the pattern of success if you’re saying “I don’t want to,” “I can’t,” or “I’ll try?”

You either did it or you didn’t do it. There is no try. Two words to eliminate: CAN’T and TRY. You will never reach success using those two words.

We have the power to change, to adapt to any situation. No other living creature can do this. We can change our behavior pattern. How?

CLARITY. If you have a behavior pattern you don’t like, use while your sleeping, diffuse it. You’ll start noticing a shift.

FORGIVENESS. The behavior pattern could have been instilled in you from a parent or grandparent. You may feel like you are betraying them by doing things differently. No one was meant to be a cookie cutter. You are very special to God.

Our behavior patterns are those of our parents and ancestors and are encoded in my DNA. The function of DNA is to store genetic info.

ABUNDANCE. Put it on your checks and in your PO Box/ Mailbox. Put abundance on your checks when you pay your bills. Where as perfume. This is to attract prosperity and also to attract others to you.

We can change how we see ourselves. We can change our beliefs which will change our attitudes which will change our behaviors.

Don’t be a victim of yourself instead of a successor.

You always want your children and your grandchildren to be better than you.

Rear sight (present emotion) and your front sight (distant emotion). Use your past emotion to lead you to your future destiny. It’s as simple as CHOICE.

Every blend is created specifically for a need. Absolutely no oil blends were created for profit.

COMFORTONE. For bowels support. “smooth move”

Everything that goes on in your life is determined by emotion. It’s always there before the physical manifest. Runny nose, sore backside all began with an emotion.

Talk to God about your day what you feel good about or not, do a self- evaluation. Be more gentle, attentive, caring. Your greatest power is in self-evaluation and it only has power if you’re honest with yourself.

Take responsibility for your choices.

You can be whatever you want to be. You have to first choose it.

MOTIVATION. Put drop on pillow before you go to bed or use in bath. Keep on nightstand. Snort it. Will help you get out of bed.

En-R-Gee. Up the spine.

Put Motivation and En-R-Gee on at the same time. En-R –Gee up the spine and Motivation on your feet.

Pay attention to how you talk. There’s always pressure from some place in the world and you feel burdened. Here is the key to getting out of that space. The new behavior is using essential oils, becoming greater than you were.

PRESENT TIME should be on your person at all times. Helps keep you feeling burdens of life. You are secure with who you are and in control. This is when God resides with you – present time. When God resides with you, you are the most powerful force on the face of the earth and nothing can stop you.

When the sun sets at the end of the day, are you satisfied with what you accomplished? If you’re satisfied you will keep trying so always keep your expectations a little higher than where you are.

HARMONY. When you wrestle with yourself in your self-talk. When you’re playing mind games it comes from insecurity.

Gary was first to bring EOs to America.

Use when playing mind games. >HARMONY, CLARITY and BRAIN POWER plus VALOR.

Writing is the most powerful tool that you have to release. Write down things you like, don’t like. What you want and don’t want. Write constantly.


This is just the first half of my notes from Gary’s 2016 session! Stay tuned for the second half in an upcoming post.

If you are interested in grabbing any of these amazing oils, you can find them here.


Essential Oils Companies that let you visit their farms…

I thought this was very interesting! #repost

Sarah Goff called 15 essential oil companies and asked if she could tour their farms to see how the essential oils are made. I have toured Young Living’s farms several times. You can check them out too.

Here is a list of the company, phone number, and answer to what Sarah learned.

1. NOW essential oils: 888-669-3663, they do not grow their own plants. This either means that their “oils” are made in a lab or they buy plants from random farms.

2. Piping Rock Essential Oils: 1-800-544-1925, the representative told me no. She did not give me any explanation.

3. Aura Cacia essential oils: 1-844-550-7200, the rep said that they do not grow their own essential oils. She would not give me the names or numbers of the farms where they buy the plants.

4. AnimalEO: 320-286-3277, the mailbox was full. 😂

5. Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils: 800-879-3337. The rep said I cannot see the farms because their plants are sourced. She would not give me the name or numbers of the farms so I could ask them.

6. Edens Garden essential oils: 949-388-1999, the website said to not take the oils internally (Young Living Vitality oils are FDA regulated to take internally). The rep said that she had never received a question like that before and asked to place me on hold. She returned to tell me that they do not own any of their own farms and that I cannot calls those farms.

7. OnePure essential oils: only available by email. They did not respond to my message.

8. Healing Solutions essential oils: 1-800-819-4098, the rep had to place me on hold. He returned to say that I cannot see the farms. He said that the company is not equipped for face-to-face consultations.

9. Gurunanda essential oils: 866-421-0309, the rep told me that they source their oils and that I cannot see the farms.

10. Plant Therapy essential oils: 800-917-6577, the rep told me that they do not own their own farms and I would not be able to take a tour to see the plants or oils be made.

11. Rocky Mountain essential oils: 1-866-493-8159, the rep said that they do not own their own farms. I quoted, “We do not have any direct correlation with the farms, so it would be impossible for us to set anything up.”

12. doTERRA essential oils: 1-800-411-8151, the rep had to place me on hold. He said that I can only come on tours that are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30, 12:30, and 2:30. I told him that did not work with my schedule, and he was not sure how to respond.

(Edited to add: DoTerra does not allow tours of their farms. I got clarification that the times listed about are for tours of their headquarters, not farms. According to DoTerra’s website, they do not own any farms.)

13. Jade Bloom essential oils: 1-844-787-3645, after listening to a long message, they do not take phone calls. I emailed and asked to see the farms. They have not returned my email.

14. Melaleuca essential oils: 208-522-0700, Mindy Buda actually made this phone call 🖤 she said that the rep told her that there are no farms for Mindy to tour. The rep then said she doesn’t know where the farms are and cannot give any other information.

15. Young Living Essential Oils: 1-800-371-3515, I called and pretended to be someone who is interested in the oils but not yet a member. I was directed to the Visitor’s Center (1-800-371-0819). I was told that I do not need a tour guide or anyone with me while I tour the farms. The farms are open M-F 8am-6pm, Saturday 9-5, and closed on Sunday. She said I can also tour the distilleries where the plants are made into oils.

I feel like these results speak for themselves. I was very emotional after making all of these phone calls and getting answers.

Why do some companies not know where their farms are?

Why wouldn’t they give me a phone number?

Why do some companies not have anything to do with how their plants are grown?

Why was I given an answer of “no?”

Why can’t I ingest something that I made from plants?

Why do some oil companies make their oils in labs and not from plants?

Why can I only visit a farm WITH a tour guide? Why can’t I go by myself?

Why did every company claims to “set the standard” and have the “highest quality oils available,” but they had no part in farming the plants?

Why don’t the employees know where or how the product is made?

How can you sell something to someone knowing they are going to put it on themselves/their kids and not know anything about it? ”

Feel free to call these numbers and see what they say.


The photos included in this blog post were taken on my visit to one of the many Young Living owned farms. All research described above was done by Sarah Goff, shared with permission.

You can get started with Young Living Essential oils here.

– Angie


KidScents Collection


Have you considered using oils with your children and felt overwhelmed or uneasy about how to use them correctly and safely? Have you felt like you needed to know more, like how to dilute or worried they could be too strong for your little one?

Young Living brilliantly took the guesswork and worry out of the equation for you by creating the KidScents line of oils for children. They are pre-diluted and ready for use. Being Young Living, they are also of the purest and highest quality and extremely potent.

When I first got the KidScents Collection, I was most excited about Geneyus to help my then six-year-old with focus at school.

Over time, my family has grown to love all of these oils. They have become some of our most frequently used and most loved.

When either of my girls have a scratch, scrape, bump, bruise, burn or cut, I always offer Owie and get rewarded with smiles, hugs, and “Thank you, Mommy.”

I love that when it’s time for my four-year-old’s nap, she asks for Sleepyize in her diffuser. That or Stress Away – she loves that it smells like vanilla cupcakes.

Geneyus is as amazing as I expected, only I have become the most frequent user, not my child. She prefers a blend I make her of lavender, cedarwood, and vetiver and added Geneyus, Brain Power and frankincense for good measure.

I love that when either child needs support with breathing, they ask for Snifflease. It goes under the second and third toe, vitaflex points on the feet for the sinuses.

And last, but not least, Tummygize is our go to when either girl goes a day or more without “going.” Any kind of tummy issues get support from Tummygize.

I love that my girls are growing up oily and request these oils as they need them. This set of oils are not the only oils we use for the girls, but are for sure frequent flyers and mainstays.

Oils have become our first line of defense and support for our children, and our last. Because they work. Because they are fast. Because we use them consistently and pre-emptively.

If you are like I was and cautious about what you use on your little people, especially the tiniest of humans, and looking for the most natural and benign options, then this little set of five is a must for you.

You can grab the set here one of two ways. You can pay full retail price or for the same cost you can become a member and pay wholesale member prices now and in the future.

Non-Member: Geneyus + Owie  + Sleepyize  + Snifflease  + Tummygize  = 165.00

Member: Geneyus  + Owie  + Sleepyize + Snifflease + Tummygize +  Membership  = 165.00 (members get 24% off all future oil and product purchases and access to FB groups and education)

Please feel free to post any questions you may have about the KidScents oils in the comments. I’d love to hear any success stories you may have as well!

**edited to add: Although the KidScents line is safe enough and gentle enough to be used neat (straight out of the bottle), I have experimented over the past two years with my four-year-old and eight-year-old and find they are equally effective at a 1:1 dilution ratio. That’s one drop of EO per drop of grapeseed. This allows my KidScents oils to last and stretch longer. A great tip of you are a frugal mama like I am. Diluting is also a smart move if you have children with more sensitive skin like my Madeline.

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Our New First Aid Kit (and other products we’ve replaced with essential oils)

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a couple of weeks now, but what’s been stopping me was my own skeptisism on how I would handle fever and fussiness if I tossed our favorite pain reliever and fever reducer in the trash, in favor of oils I hadn’t proven to treat those yet.

Well, yesterday I had that opportunity. For those of you who don’t know Baby Madeline, she is a very happy, easy-going baby. Fussiness just isn’t something we have to worry about at our house (Flashback to 4 years ago, her sister was a completely different story. We considered buying stock in the pain reliever/fever reducer.)

Anyway, Madeline was abnormally fussy and shoving her hands in her mouth. I looked up and read on teething and fussiness and saw it as an opportunity to prove we could live life without that bottle of fever reducer/pain reliever.
Within 5 minutes after applying diluted thieves to her gums, diluted peace and calming to her chest and diluted cedarwood to her feet, we had this child:

And I have testimony after testimony of success to offer up of oils we’ve tried and had results, and products we no longer use/need/buy! I won’t do that here, but plan on starting a separate blog for EOs soon. (Please comment below if interested in following my EO blog so I can be sure to add you.)

I am not able to list the products we no longer use, so I will list the generic uses:

  • Pain reliever/fever reducer
  • Cough and cold medicine
  • Pain reliever (cramps)
  • Allergy meds
  • Prescription pain reliever
  • Face wash
  • Antibiotic gel
  • Baby lotion
  • Wrinkle cream
  • Lotion
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Under eye cream
  • Dark spot/age spot treatment
  • Wart remover
  • Anxiety and depression meds
  • Doctor visits
  • Meds prescribed at doctor visits (there have been no doctor visits)
  • Oral pain reliever for baby
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Prescription and OTC meds for back pain and jaw pain
  • And I will add more as they come to mind!

I was so concerned about the initial investment into this life change, that we wouldn’t be able to afford it, but so far I am seeing a savings which totally blows me away.

I truly believe in trying to offer the healthiest lifestyle I can provide for my family, and as I learn better, I do better.

I feel confident too, knowing that I am equipped with the right resources to treat my babies in an informed manner, and that I am using the highest quality EOs.

If you are interested in doing the same, this is where I started, but only make that decision after doing your own personal research.