One Day You’ll Be In a Position to Give More at Christmas – Claim it!

This is a prayer for the mama who either has enough money for a few of their children’s reqeusted Christmas gifts, OR all of the obligatory giving.

You are a very giving person, so it pains you when you can’t:

  • Give more to your child’s teachers. You would love to give each of them a $50 or more gift card. They so deserve it!
  • Get all of your coworkers gifts, and nice ones at that.
  • Contribute to the donations for your bosses and custodial staff. There is no extra money at all, But one day there will be. Claim it!
  • Give money for the coworker getting married, having a baby and who just lost a loved one.
  • Buy exactly what your nieces and nephews want and give them money or gift cards to get anything else their heart desires.
  • Get your child everything they asked for in their Canva presentation,
  • Get all of your children’s coaches and music teachers gifts.
  • Get all of the holiday decorations your children have begged for.
  • Give more to your church, homeless population and initiatives in your community that feed the hungry.
  • Get your child the Australian shepherd puppy they want which is the only thing they asked for, and cost anywhere from $500 on upward.
  • Get a new home so that you can and your children can be proud to have friends over.

Say a prayer right now, that one Christmas VERY SOON, you will be able to do all of these and much more. God hears our prayers!

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