Sea Salt Watercolor Technique

My husband and daughters gave me a very nice watercolor set for Mother’s Day, and I was able to try it out today.

I took watercolor classes when we lived in San Francisco, but I’m way out of practice. Just getting started by refreshing myself on some techniques.

This is sea salt. Isn’t it cool? Steps are provided in the photo captions. 🎨🧂

Mask off the edges for crisp, sharp lines. Use good watercolor paper. This paper measures approximately 4” x 6”.
Do a wash of color. I layered cerulean and phthalo blue. In retrospect I would use less water.
Let partially dry, but while still wet, sprinkle on sea salt.
Make sure painting is completely dry. If in doubt paint is totally dry, use a hairdryer. Shake off any lose salt. Then rub/scratch off any remaining salt.

Here is the post that inspired me and includes many other watercolor techniques to try.

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