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Vision Boards: Your Best Bet for New Year’s Goal Setting

You can count on hearing lots of talk about goal setting and resolutions on New Year’s Day. You’re probably doing it yourself in some form or fashion.

Did you also know that most people fall off the bandwagon in the first thirty days of setting their goal(s) for the New Year?

What might make a difference for you and keep you from becoming another statistic is creating a vision board.

What is a vision board? A vision board is a board filled with images that represent each of your goals for the coming year.

The idea is that you keep these images in front of you, placing the board in a prominent location where you will see it every day.

Seeing those images that represent your dreams on a daily basis help keep them on the forefront of your mind, and consequently make them more likely to manifest simply based on the fact you are giving more of your mental attention to them.

It can be cut and paste from magazines, or a collage of images created on your computer. It doesn’t need to take very much of your time.

Tips for creating your vision board:

  • Before you begin, make a list of goals or resolutions you would like to set for the coming year.
  • Goals are best if they are realistic while also a challenge. Somewhere within that range is ideal. You want some to be basic and very attainable to help you feel successful but some out of reach to keep you excited, eager and planful.
  • Gather magazines if you plan on cutting out pictures and gluing. I personally prefer digital images and finding these online. It opens up many more possibilities and makes quicker work of creating the board I really want.
  • When in groups of folks who were creating vision boards, I have noticed many were turning it into a board of inspiring quotes and words. This is fine, but then it isn’t really a vision board. I keep a book of words and quotes that inspire me separately. I try to keep my vision board focused on what it is: a collage of images that represent the goals I wish to attain.
  • It’s your vision board. You can make it what you want. It’s not really for anyone but you, so there are no rules. Anything I’ve mentioned above is just giving my own feedback from 10+ years of creating vision boards.

Here is my 2019 vision board, and just as always, so many of these have manifested or are about to. I will add my 2020 board once it’s completed!

You may also be interested in making vision boards with your children. Check out my post Making Vision Boards with Kids.

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