Our First Day on Isle of Palms

Our first full day on Isle of Palms! We took advice of our friend who lives in Charleston and stayed in the Wild Dunes resort on the Isle of Palms. We stayed in Seagrove and loved it here. We visited for fall break and temps in the 70s were perfect for us. It wasn’t crowded at all – in fact there were days we had the building and the beach to ourselves.

Beautiful sunrises!

This pic of Larry and Madeline is one of my faves
Larry and I found sand dollars!
Madeline found a shell family. Each of the shells represent one of the 4 of us. ❤️
The girls remembered to bring their beach toys this year.

Anna Claire cartwheeled all over , and we took advantage of our access to all the Wild Dunes pools. This one is heated. 🙌🏻

Our view from our condo
Love this one!
One of the few picks of the four of us from the trip. Larry’s eyes are closed but still a good pic!
Selfie with Anna Claire
Baby bear with her birthday cake ice cream at Ye Old Fashioned Ice Cream and Sandwiches

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