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American Girl Doll Hair Salon Spectacular

Back in May, when friends were talking about signing their kids up for camps for the summer, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a hairstyling camp?”

I did a quick Google search and found out our American Girl store was having a Doll Hair Salon Spectacular over the summer. Sold!

I took AC today and she LOVED IT. She clocked in an hour with one of the stylists and there were only three girls, including her, in the class. Anna Claire can already do almost every braid so I was a little worried she would be bored or might not learn anything.

Not to worry! She learned a LOT! She learned several tricks she didn’t know on how to use her topsy tail tool, how to incorporate a headband into a hairstyle, and how to be more neat and methodical in parting small strands of hair.

She was the most excited about learning more tricks for how to smooth and detangle. They use several tools that we didn’t have at home so we shall be procuring those. If you have a hairstyle loving girl check out my post on our favorite hair tools.

It’s so fun to find ways to support your kids in their talents. ❤️

Madeline didn’t meet the age requirement for the class, but she had a ball watching her doll get hair and nails done and trying out the toys on display. Needless to say Madeline’s birthday wishlist grew a lot today!

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