Anna Claire · hairstyles

Anna Claire’s Hairstyles

This nine-year-old girl amazes me with her talent and skill. Anna Claire has spent countless hours watching YouTube videos and studying books on how to braid. And many more hours practicing – in her dollhead, and on her sister and me. Her hair warm has paid off. She has mastered all of the well-known braiding techniques and has moved on to applying them to invent her own styles. We are very proud of her!

AC: Mommy, I’m only halfway finished!
Me: But it looks so cool! I need a picture! 7/10/18

When you ask your mom to take your dollhead to the car for you 🤣 7/14/18



This pic doesn’t do this hairstyle justice. 9/15/18

AC waterfall braided my hair in 30 secs! 9/16/18

Lace braid that turns into a Dutch braid 🤓 9/18/18
Double waterfall braid 😍 9/21/18
When you can’t bring your doll head on vacation, Barbie will have to do. 10/13/18

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