Top 10 reasons essential oils “didn’t work” for you.

Did you try essential oils only to find they just didn’t work for you? Check out these top ten reasons to find out if you fell into one of these categories:

1. You didn’t believe they would work in the first place.

Just like anything else in life, only the things you desire AND believe in come to fruition. Give them an honest chance.

2. You tried them, but didn’t use consistently or long enough to benefit from them.

If you just tried them here and there for something like anxiety or concentration or skin care, you really need to use them continuously day after day to see the benefit. Apply morning and night for the very best results.

3. You were one and done.

You tried them this one time, and didn’t see any difference so they must not work.

4. You just didn’t find the right oil yet.

Sleep is a good example to use here. There are so many oils and blends to try for sleep, and if you ask 10 different oilers their favorite for sleep, they may very well give you ten different answers. That’s because they hung in there and stuck with it until they found their magic unicorn oil. Most start with lavender, then cedarwood, then Roman Chamomile, then often some blend of those. The point here, is you may have to use trial and error before you find that perfect oil for you. It’s just like with skin care or a brand of makeup: you didn’t expect to necessarily love the first one you tried. You tried several until you found the one that worked for you. Oils are like that.

5. You bought them, but you never had the time to learn to use them.

They are still sitting on your shelf. Are they even still good anymore?

If you bought Young Living oils, they never expire because 100% pure oils don’t expire! So they are still good! If not, which most other brands aren’t, simply because they have been cut with carrier oil and pre-diluted. This is not bad, but it could mean they won’t last as long. Your bottle should have an expiration date somewhere on it.

6. You try oils as a last resort.

If you wait until you need to see a doctor and meds haven’t worked, a potent oil like Thieves blend or Frankincense would likely help, but you’ve let things get too far gone. Using oils at the earliest most subtle symptoms, or at the very first impulse that you or a loved one is not feeling well is really your best shot at seeing what oils can do. Oils can head off an illness at its onset if you use them in time, and they do this by supporting your body systems.

This would really depend on your scenario, but let’s say you tried peppermint for a headache. Peppermint works amazingly well for headaches if you catch the headache in its early stages. But honestly if you’ve waited until you have a full blown migraine your best bet is to take a nap and sleep it off. But it’s not really fair to write off oils as “they don’t work.”

Instead, you need to try oils as your first course of action. For example, my daughter’s migraines almost always rise out of anxiety. If she can catch herself getting stressed out and use her oils for calming at that point, she can forego a headache. Or when she does feel slight tension in her forehead, she has luck with peppermint if she catches it BEFORE it’s a full-blown migraine.

7. You think oils are/were a fad or a trend. Something extra that some people have.

Essential oils have actually been around for thousands of years and are even biblical. They are the essence of life-blood of a plant. They were used before synthetic drugs were an option to treat and support the body. If that word “synthetic” makes you cringe a little, it does me too. I don’t want to put anything foreign into my body or my children’s if I can help it.

8. You need to become healthy in other aspects of your life.

You can apply all of the tummy support oils, but if you are lactose or gluten intolerant but keep eating all the bread and dairy, you won’t see long term results. Be willing to make dietary changes that are necessary in addition to using oils and you will see massive results.

9. You aren’t using pure therapeutic grade oils.

Quality matters. Just like you wouldn’t want to skimp and buy a cheaper mattress, because you know your spine and back benefit from a higher quality, the same is true with your oils.

10. You think you can’t afford high quality oils.

This is so not the case! We are on a very tight budget in our household. I have a predicable income as a teacher, but my husband works from home and his income is unpredictable. Many months, my paycheck is all that is coming in. But the oils and natural products that I purchase each month have replaced what we once were spending on meds, doctor visits, toxic personal care products and harsh cleaners. It truly has balanced out! Also, by using oils proactively to keep well and stay well, we are getting sick less often, and when we do it is a milder case than what we see those around as experience.

All in all, pure therapeutic grade oils work when used proactively, consistently and with intentionality. They are not something you should consider as an extra or a “nice to have.” They should fall under the category of essential. Because they are.

You can find Young Living pure therapeutic grade oils here. I always like to recommend the premium starter kit which comes with the 12 oils your family with use most plus a high quality diffuser. If you need to know more, please don’t hesitate to send me a personal at averitta74@yahoo.com.

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