Behold the power of Frank.

Lavender often gets the bragging rights for being the Swiss Army knife of oils because it’s so versatile, but I would argue that Frankincense could rival it for that title.

Here are just a few that come to mind (behold the power and versatility of FRANK):

† healthy skin

† anti-aging

† calming

† grounding

† promotes cell health (google this)

† boosts mood

† supports immune system

† helps with meditation

† soothes tension

† supports memory

† helps with focus

Whew! That’s an impressive list, right? You can use Frankincense for #allthethings ! I’ve joked before that if you took all of my other oils and left me just with Frankincense, I could get along just fine.

By the way, did you know that Frankincense essential oil is mentioned in the Bible 52 times? Some of these references, frankincense is referred to as “incense” implying frankincense the actual oil or a mixture where frankincense was one of the ingredients.

And legend has it that the “gold” brought to the Baby Jesus by the three wise men was turmeric. During that time (and still true today), frankincense, myrrh and turmeric were all known for promoting good health and warding off illnesses. So they literally gave Baby Jesus the gift of health!

Frankincense is a staple that belongs in every home, and not just any Frankincense. Not all Frank is created equal. It’s high quality, pure therapeutic grade Frankincense that I’m talking about here. And there’s truly no more affordable way to grab Young Living Frankincense than to get the starter kit. It’s the 12 oils your family will use most (including Frank) plus a high quality diffuser. If you need to learn more, I hope you’ll explore more of my blog. And when you’re ready to make this ESSENTIAL oil an essential, here you go. ❤️

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