Oils for Emotional Support, Part II

Gary explained, “The heart has intelligence and plays a major role in reality…Thought process and emotion of the heart can allow you to accomplish anything. “

As promised, here is the second half of my notes from the 2016 Young Living convention session with Gary Young on oils for emotional support. Enjoy!


Does the eagle complain about the crows pestering him? Does he pay them any attention? No! The eagle climbs to a higher altitude than the crows fly. CHANGE YOUR ALTITUDE BY CHANGING YOUR ATTITUDE.

We must want to let go of those things that no longer serve us in a positive and progressive way.

The wiring of the brain. Both types of neurons are affected by sense of smell.

Raindrop. Motor neurons take signals from the brain and spinal cord and transmit them to the muscles or glands. (Why raindrop works.)

Spiritual energy. Many of your emotions are a result of your spiritual connection. When you are having mind games, there is spiritual disharmony. Can come from environment at the moment or people around you at the moment. FRANKINCENSE.

Is my spiritual life as full as it should be? There is a big difference between religion and spirituality. All things have their place. The more that you can grow into your spiritual reality and your relationship with God the more successful you will be. To the point where if you need something all you need to do is ask. Knock and the door shall be opened up to you. Seek and ye shall find. (Gary said he uses 300 drops of frank a day!)

You can empower thought by adding a substance to it.

Essential oils are made up of amino acids, nitrogen, and sugar and have an electrical charge, the four things necessary to interrupt and change DNA. So we have the power to change behavior patterns.

Heart is the strongest electromagnetic generator in the body. When paired with thought it will give you passion.

The heart has intelligence and plays a major role in reality. The heart functions like another brain. They are always communicating.

Use CLARITY and AROMALIFE (thought/heart = passion)

Thought process and emotion of the heart can allow you to accomplish anything. Using the two in balance can bring great clarity to a person.

Anger, anxiety, and other negative emotions can significantly increase heart disease. Mental emotions will also manifest themselves physically.

Healthy diet and meditation techniques are key to a healthy heart.

When we learn to think with our hearts, it becomes easier to understand others and live in HARMONY with them.

The heart holds the key to uniting humanity and achieving world peace. JOY over your heart.

Am I a product of my parents and their DNA? Am I in charge of my own destiny? Are there things I would like to change

Stay FORWARD FOCUSED at all times.

Why do I believe what I believe? Because someone else told me or gave me that belief? No. Develop your own belief system.

I can change if I want and in turn change my destiny. We have to decide to do it ourselves. ENVISION. When you want change or you’d like to see your outcome be different.

Thinking is hard, that’s why few people do it.

Impossibility thinkers do not achieve greatness.


Most people want what was rather than what can be. People are afraid to make choices because they are afraid someone will criticize. You can’t listen to other people because they will keep you from your dream. Stay forward focused.

What do you want in your life?






GALBANUM. Gather your thoughts and apply to temples and forehead.


Gary was a genius, and so very wise. I typed his words verbatim and chose to present them unaltered here (why alter greatness?) If you never checked out part I you can find it here.

If you are interested in grabbing any of the amazing oils mentioned in this emotional support series, you can find them here.

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