Replenishing Gut Flora after Antibiotics

No Starbucks for this girl for awhile. Allow me to explain.

My daughter just finished up her 10 day prescription of antibiotic for strep. I try to avoid giving antibiotics if I can help it, but we don’t play when it comes to strep.

We had a good long run of over three years with no sick doctor visits and no meds! Praise for that!

I wanted to include this table to help pinpoint when oils or natural methods are fine to be substituted vs situations like strep where you really do have to just suck it up and take your meds.

Did you know that when you give your child antibiotics it not only kills bad bacteria but also the good bacteria? This is worth considering since 70% of the immune system is located in the gut.

It’s really important that while/after giving the antibiotic, to make sure you are taking steps to replenish the gut flora or good bacteria.

One of the most common ways to do this in adults is to eat fermented foods, but my children don’t love many fermented foods.

There are several other options that can boost them back to 100%. Not replenishing the gut flora can result in a significantly weakened immune system and make your child susceptible to getting sickness after sickness.

Here are several great ways to replenish your child’s gut flora and get their immune systems back into full throttle:

1) Give them a probiotic. Ideally within 2 hours on either side of taking the antibiotic, then several days following. I love Life 9, which has 9 strains of bacteria and 17 billion active live cultures and it is time-released. For sure needs to be kept refrigerated. My kiddos won’t take a capsule so I break one open and sprinkle into their applesauce.

2) Cut sugar and starch intake to prevent overgrowth of yeast. My sweet girl loves a Starbucks Frappuccino as you can see in the picture above, but we are “just saying ‘no’” until she is back in top form.

3) Increase veg intake. You want to repopulate the gut with good bacteria and these love veggies.

4) Bone broth. This is an excellent way, and it’s best when homemade vs buying ready made. My husband is a classically trained chef so we regularly use the remainder of our chickens to make bone broth. We actually both just had a mug.

5) Semi-raw bananas. You know, when they are still a little greenish? They are considered a resistant starch.

6) Fermented foods. My daughter likes sauerkraut so we are having reubens for dinner this week. She also will eat Greek yogurt and probiotic yogurt as well as pickles.

These are the measures we are taking. I hope you find this helpful. Maybe you didn’t even realize this was something you could or should do after a round of antibiotics. And can I just say, me neither until a few years ago. Sometimes you just don’t know. Since we do, we are determined to restore our healthy household and I know getting our gut back in top-notch shape is just the ticket.

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