New to Crystals

Are you brand new to crystals? Me too.


Well sort of. I guess I’ve always been curious about them and thought they were pretty. I’ve even had a few over the years. I know everything carries an energy and based on what I know and understand about essential oils and their healing properties, the idea that crystals might carry those same kinds of energies and have some healing potential is feeling less weird to me and more possible. Intrigued would be a good word for where I am in the learning process.

For Christmas, I got a small bag of rose quartz and I keep them everywhere: in my purse, in the car, in my coat pocket, in my desk drawer at work, and by my bed. Rose quartz is one that I have read about and it is supposed to draw off negative energies and make you more receptive to love, opening the heart. I especially love carrying one in my pocket and just placing my hand in my pocket during the day, and gently rubbing the crystal grounds me and refocuses me.

fullsizeoutput_3233We have a crystal store in our town now and I’ve had friends tell me they were impressed with what the store had to offer. So my youngest daughter and I ventured out today and took a stroll through the store. A sweet lady who worked there explained (which I had heard before) that you don’t choose crystals, they choose you. She said to choose whatever you’re drawn to. I was drawn to two: selenite which I’ve read can ensure a peaceful atmosphere in a home, and citrine which promotes joy.

My five-year-old was very drawn to amethyst. I got her a little vial of amethyst chips. She really liked when I told her amethyst helps you to be calm and helps you with sleep. She could have spent all day at the crystal store, mainly because of their black cat.

While I was at the store I was handed a book called The Crystal Bible which I really liked. I am so excited to learn more! If there are other books or resources you would recommend to someone new to crystals please let me know.

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