New Year’s is my favorite

A clean slate, focusing on hopes, dreams and goals and a forward thinking outlook. New Year’s is my favorite holiday, second maybe only to Christmas, because well, it’s Christmas. I look forward to New Year’s and plan for it: I choose a word for the year that will become a simple mantra for me. I make lists of things I appreciate, things that make me happy and that are satisfying. It’s great to reflect on what has gone well because we are all doing a lot of things right! Even better, I am excited for what lies ahead and I love the idea of my future being like an unpainted canvas that is waiting to become more.

It’s a clean slate, a fresh start and a new beginning. In fact, I have loved the feel of “hitting the reset button” on New Year’s so much that I’ve applied it to each and every day of my life, but my New Year’s practice is where I began learning the tools to clear out the old and move forward with intention. Why not apply it daily? Ah, but New Year’s Day itself can be powerful and transformational.

I don’t long for it because I want the previous year to be over or because I’m wishing time away. It’s because I love the vibration and momentum of creating that comes to me this time of year. In fact, my word this year is CREATE. I want to physically create: I love photography, art, writing and speaking. I create a vision board at New Years and have my girls do the same. I’ll add them to this post when we’ve completed them. I’m all about journaling, making bucket lists, setting goals, and all the things that propel you forward!

New Year’s helps me re-establish my forward thinking outlook. I want to create a life by design instead of living by default. I love planning to learn new things, new travels and adventures, focusing on where I want to go in the coming year, both literally and figuratively.

New Year’s has never really been about depriving myself of food, or social media, focusing on doing less of something. It’s about become MORE and CREATING. It’s always been a creative time that gets me excited about what lies ahead. I got through this whole post without mentioning the word resolution. And it was not intentional. But I do feel like it carries a little bit of a negative connotation, like you have to cut something out or give something up. That’s not my New Year’s and it doesn’t have to be yours either. How can you become more in this coming year? My 2019 journal cover says “Do more of what makes you happy.” and that’s exactly how I hope you will live your new year and how I plan to live mine.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s is my favorite

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