Whole 30 Diet: Day 1

imageThis Whole 30 diet is not as hard as I thought. It’s very much like how I ate when I was pregnant with the girls (only minus the gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol 😂).

But seriously, if you already eat a diet free of most fast food and junk food like me, this is not going to be that far of a stretch for you. I really believe the key is focusing on what you can have instead of what you can’t. I’m sure you’ll here me say that multiple times through this challenge because it’s become my mantra. 😉

I was so concerned about coffee. How would I drink coffee without cream and my raw local honey? Well, coconut oil has proven to be a good choice, and FYI: my lips are super soft! No need for lip balm.

Today for breakfast I just had a banana. For lunch, two hard boiled eggs, seafood salad (shrimp, calamari, mussels), a mandarin orange, and a small pink lady apple. For dinner I had salad greens, veggies (including the zucchini AC spotted in our garden this afternoon) and chicken topped with prosciutto (thanks to a hubby who can cook and reads labels for me.)

The hardest part for me today has been the snack cravings I’ve had in the afternoon and watching my girls eat multiple goodies that I can’t have.

And my answer to “no alcohol” during whole30? So simple: bloody mary…tomato juice, a glug (or two) of jalapeño juice, garlic powder, and salt. It was so good, I didn’t even miss my red wine. #whole30 #day1


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