Why We Put Essential Oils on our Feet

Why do we put essential oils on our FEET?

Good question! Well, first of all, did your grandma ever put Vick’s Vaporub ON YOUR FEET? And then it worked? She had good reason! (By the way, we have replaced Vaporub in our home with a natural rub made with coconut oil and EOs.)

One reason applying oils to the feet is effective is because the largest pores on your body are on the feet. So the oils get quickly absorbed into the body. By the way, essential oils get absorbed into your bloodstream within a short 26 seconds. So no real need to slip socks on after application, although I do anyway. 😉

This also means anything else we apply to our body also enters as quickly. So products filled with harmful chemicals are entering just as fast. That is why I quickly started replacing our personal care products and cleaners with natural ones soon after starting my oil journey. I am planning for a chemical free home online class in the next couple months on this specifically, so stay tuned!

Back to the FEET! Why does this work? Largely because of reflexology and acupressure which you are probably already aware of. Different points on the feet correlate to different points on our body. You put that together combined with powerful essential oils and you get results! I am including our infamous Vitaflex foot map in this post.

Please notice the oils mentioned in cursive font in the graphic. They are oils excellent for boosting your family’s immune systems. They are also the same oil blends recommended by YL’s own Dr. Jim Bob for immune system support. He recommends rotating them so the body does not become desensitized to them. So like if you use Thieves night after night after night, over time, Thieves won’t be as effective for you. I alternate with Immupower and have Exodus II on this month’s ER order!

I personally put any oils on my feet that I may not particularly care for the smell of, and also oils that are “hotter” oils like peppermint or thieves, especially for the girls. Like I put the seasonal roller on Anna Claire’s second and third toe so I never have to worry about her getting peppermint on her hands and then possibly in her eyes. 😭 (if you ever get peppermint in YOUR eye, don’t rinse with water! Grab your jar of coconut oil instead! This will dilute and rinse out the EO and soothe your eye.)

I hope this post has helped you understand why we oily gals put oils on our feet. Post any questions you have in the comments!

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