Rookie Mistakes with Essential Oils Part 2

I had no intentions of this being a 2 part post, but since writing the first one I’ve thought of several other things I’d do different with oils in retrospect.

1. I would watch my bottle levels more carefully. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve failed to do this, run out of an oil, then had to wait for days for it to come in. I believe the new labels YL is making will prevent this. There is a little opening on some labels that let you see the bottle level. The way labels are now, you have to remember periodically to peel the label back and check to see if you’re almost out.

2. Not getting YL bottle fitments sooner. I tried 3 types of roller bottles before realizing the fitments work the best. Either the ball wouldn’t roll, too much oil would come out, or the ball was plastic and couldn’t be used with citrus blends. The fitments are metal, roll smoothly and are just perfect.

3. Writing off an oil because I didn’t like the smell. Joy, Vetiver, and Peace and Calming are three I remember hating when I first tried them, so they sat on the shelf for about a month. Then at the Thrive Conference I did a zyto-scan which lets you know which oils your body needs, and vetiver was the second listed, and a couple ingredients in Joy and P & C were listed as well. I also have since learned that it’s common to dislike oils initially and that dislike is often an indicator that your body needs that oil.

Another option for using oils that have scents you don’t like is to apply to your feet. Use a vita-flex foot map like the one below. It will show you where to apply!


4. Not signing up for Essential Rewards sooner. Once you have a premium starter kit and are a member, you are literally throwing money away by not signing up for ER. Young Living gives you back 10% of all you purchase to use toward free oils. No brainer!

I hope my mistakes can help save you time, money, oil, or perhaps help you give an oil a second chance if it didn’t work out the first try.

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