A Tale of Two Orders

Meet Sally and Susie. On the left we have Sally. She’s a savvy, frugal, sharp member who knows how to order smart and get the most bang for her buck.

On the right we have Susie. Susie is a fairly new member, doesn’t know about how to order in the smartest possible way…yet.

Both girls needed to place orders totaling around $100.

Susie placed her $100 order through Quick Order, spent $100 out of her own pocket and got what she ordered in her shipment. She did not get any free oils, share with any of her friends, or points to spend on free oils.

Sally saw in an email that if she placed a 190 PV order, she would get free wintergreen, patchouli and copaiba, so she asked a few of her friends and family members if she could order some oils for them. This got her order up to 190 so she qualified for the three free oils. Sally also placed her order through Essential Rewards so she got 10% back ($19) to spend on future YL purchases. Not only that, but one of the friends she shared with and ordered for, wants their own starter kit, so Young Living will send Sally a $50 check for sharing with her friend.

So be smart and order like Sally!


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