Why Essential Oils?

If you haven’t noticed by now…essential oils are everywhere. If you aren’t using them yet to improve your health or the health of your family…WHY NOT?!?

Let YL’s own Dr. Jim Bob show you 9 of his top reasons why EVERYONE should be using essential oils every single day.

Reason 1: Essential oils can bypass digestion. This means that regardless of our gut health, we can all benefit from using essential oils. They go directly to the part of your body that needs it!

Reason 2: Fat soluble. This means that oils are quickly and easily absorbed and able to penetrate the fatty protective layer of the skin. From the time you apply an oil to the skin, within 20 minutes it has traveled to every cell in the body!

Reason 3: Cross blood/brain barrier. The most fascinating one to me!  Essential oils are like little ninjas and are able to penetrate the blood brain barrier! Watch the video and learn all about how this makes EOs unique!

Reason 4: Frequency. Because essential oils are the life blood of the plant, they are alive and carry a frequency and a vibration. This allows them to actually enter our cells and do what our body needs.

Reason 5: Adaptogenic. Oils adapt in a couple ways. One person can apply lavender and feel relaxed, someone else can apply it and get respiratory support. Oils also adapt in that they balance. If something in the body is two high or low, the oil will bring the body back to normal or balance.

Reason 6: Therapy localization. This is so cool! When you rub an oil on your wrist you immediately send a message to the brain saying something is wrong with the wrist. So the brain stops what it’s doing and goes to work at the wrist using the oils that were applied there!

Reason 7: They are EASY TO USE and SAFE! Like he says in the video, people want to complicate oils or tell themselves they are not safe for kids which is crazy. As long as you are using a carrier oil and diluting like it says on the back of the bottle, they are incredibly safe and easy. Just pick one and rub it on. Just pick one and put a few drops in the diffuser!

Purity matters! Young Living guarantees the quality of their oils! They have their own farms and have such stringent standards for quality that only 30% of what they produce makes it into the bottle. The rest gets repurposed as fertilizer or sold to that other oil company.

Reason 8: Multiple applications. There are three different ways to use EOs! Topically, aromatic use or dietary! If you don’t like one way, try another! They work the same either way.

Reason 9: Clean receptor sites!  Many oils contain monoterpenes or sesquiterpenes (please google!) which means they are actually capable of cleaning receptor sites of our nerves. This means our oils are able to work even more effectively and explains why I just added Cedarwood to the girls and to my body wash! Every square inch of your body that you can apply EOs to, you are cleaning those receptor sites so  that oils can get in there and do what your body needs. This is why I prefer to use a carrier with my EOs vs using neat, or products like OrthoEase Orthosport and Lavender Lotion. You can cover a large area of skin, cleaning more receptor sites!

Support systems! Stop treating symptoms!



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