Four Ways to Reduce Stress This Holiday Season


  1.  Plan ahead. Procrastinating and waiting til the last minute puts us in a frenzy and causes us to rush. That’s stressful! Prevent the holiday rush by being intentional and planful.
  2. Establish boundaries. Learn to say “no!” Taking on too much at the holidays can overwhelm. Know your limits and learn what you can do comfortably and calmly.
  3. Support your body. Emotional support oils can be extremely helpful during the holidays to help keep us cool, calm and collected. The body stores negative emotions which can help explain why 90% of all illness and disease can be traced back to emotional illness. Essential oils for emotional support have the ability to clean receptor sites and reset our bodies back to an emotionally stable state.
  4. Make time for fun. Try to find the joy in everything. Or maybe for every undesirable task that you “have” to do, you set aside time and treat yourself to something you enjoy this time of year.

Bonus: One additional tip: The best cure for the holiday blues and hustle is to go do something for someone else. Adopt and angel, ring the bell, visit a nursing home with your kids. It will give you a lift, not to mention those you are helping.



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