Frugal Oily Mommy: Making EOs Stretch, Part 4


The fourth way I am making my oils last longer is by testing something out before I make it.

It’s the same kind of thinking I use when I make copies. I’m a middle school teacher and if I want 100 packets for my students that are front/back and hole-punched, I’m gonna do a test run and make one copy first, then if it’s right I’ll run the other 99.

I learned this the hard way. I was excited to make rollers and creams and dove right in whipping up several recipes and now have 3 rollers and one big jar of cream that don’t work for me, so the oils I used in those (more than I care to admit) are wasted. I’m currently in the process if rectifying this by using them as bases for larger batches of other recipes. I hate wasting!

When thinking about testing before making a roller, I just dilute each oil per the dilution instructions on the back of the bottle, making a one time use amount in the palm of my hand, and apply and layer each oil to the specified area.

For example, before making the focus roller, I just layered Vetiver, lavender and cedarwood under my big toe for several days. That way I knew it worked and I’m in love with it I am good to make a roller that I know I’ll use.

So, the message here is: get your combo right first, then make your roller or cream!

Ps- I hope you have enjoyed this series on how to make EOs work for you and that you can see now it can be done affordably. If you really want to make a change to this lifestyle, I believe you will do what it takes to make it work! It is oh so rewarding and worth it!

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