Starter Kit Oil Series: Stress Away

Stress Away quickly became my favorite oil, right out of the gate, for several reasons:

1. It’s my favorite fragrance. Lots of gals say Joy is their favorite and wear it as a perfume, but Stress Away has become my signature scent.

2. This is not easy for me to share with you, but I have been embarrassed of and struggled with sweaty palms my whole life. I was always mortified when anyone would try to shake or hold my hand. Since using Stress Away, I can’t say it’s completely eliminated, but I’ve seen a drastic improvement (like from sweating all the time to only in super stressful situations.) That is huge for me y’all!

2. It takes the stress away! It’s one of the key ingredients in my anxiety blend. I’ve forgotten it a couple of times and reverted back to my old sweaty palm self. I’m now so conservative with it because I need it for that blend.

3. I love having it with me with it’s handy roller fitment attachment so I can reapply during the day.

4. AC gets nervous in new situations and using either the Stress Away or Valor helps her to be brave!

I love Stress Away!


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